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teen violence

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Teen violence

What can we do to stop violence in schools?

In school there can be a lot of violence. Some are gang activity, locker thefts, bullying, intimidation, gun use and assaults just about anything you can imagine. To stop this we need mettle detectors, security, strictness of teachers, etc. Schools should have school management’s. Some of them can be discipline and punishment such as suspension and expulsion. Also there are a lot of programs to stop violence. Talk with a counselor, mental health clinic, family doctor, psychologist, religious leader, the school’s dean of students, or the office of student assistance. But mainly preventing starts in family. If that happens schools will be safe and the amount of violence will decrease.

What does violence begin from?

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Violence begins from a lot of things. Some of the violence in schools are verbal insults, pushing, shoving, grabbing, slapping, threats, kicking, biting, hitting with a fist, threats with a knife or gun, using a knife or firing a gun , theft, and threatening a teacher. Outside of schools violence can be unhappy family, aggressive looks (mad-dogging), drug use, guns, and sex. If that happens teenagers get mad and do school shootings, theft, etc. Which leads to other teenagers getting mad and doing the same things and it gets bigger and bigger. That is why we need school management and if we do get school management’s schools can be a safer place.

What is the rate of juvenile and adult violent offenders?

Juvenile Adult








Aggravated assault


This graph shoes that not all the juvenile violence are increasing. The rate for juvenile arrest for violent crimes had increased by 45 percent between 18 and 1. And the increasing for adults were 41 percent.1 present of the crimes is due to juveniles in the ages of twelve through seventeen.

What state has the most juvenile homicide rate?

The state that had the most homicide rates is the U.S. With the rate of 1. and Scotland of 5.0 it makes a big difference. Most of the homicide are shootings. 10,567 of those shootings are with handguns. The United Stares had twice as much child poverty and crime 100,000 people compared with Europe.

Can there be violence at home?

The place where teen violence is especially likely to occur is inside the home. There can be spouse abuse, child abuse and beatings inside the home. Studies show that in 15 over million children reported abused in the U.S. The number of child abuse from 186-1 nearly doubled to .8 million cases. Family violence’s is a crime.

Is drug use a teen violence?

Drug use is a major part of teen violence. Drug use by teens is was examined and it is a factor to juvenile violence. Some uses are specifically alcohol, crack,

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marijuana and other forms of cocaine, are all evolved with violence. Doing these drugs can

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