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Three Friends(Korean folk tale)

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There are three friends living in a village. They go to school together, they study together, and they play together. However, each of them has different dreams and goals. One wants to become a rich man, one wants to become the mayor, and the last of the three friends wants to become a hermit. Each one of them has done their best to become whatever they have wanted to be. Many years have passed by and the person who has wanted to become the mayor, and the person who has wanted to become the hermit also becomes the hermit. One day, the mayor goes to the mountain where his hermit friend has lived. They celebrate with each other that they have become the person they have wished having a good time. Suddenly, the mayor wonders about his old friend who had wanted to become a rich man. The hermit gathers his hands together and starts chanting magic words to bring their old friend there. A huge snake comes out from the sky. When the hermit just smiles and starts saying magic words to the snake, it turns to the person. It is his old friend who has wanted to become a rich man. The hermit requests to his friend who have wanted to become a rich man that brings them some peaches from the tree in the backyard. The hermit says to him, ¡° There should be three peaches left on the tree.¡± He goes to the backyard and notices four peaches instead of three on the peach tree. He thinks that he can eat two peaches if he eats one there and brings just three.

He eats one peach and brings three peaches to his friends, and he lies to his friends that there were three peaches left. After they finish eating their peaches, the hermit makes his greedy friend back in to the snake. The hermit says that it is his last chance to become a human but he hasnt changed from being greedy. As tears rolls down from his face, he leaves there. This story teaches two lessons.

First, this story teaches children that greed is bad. In this story, the man who has wished to become a rich man is too greedy and foolish to regret his wrong decision. When he finds four peaches instead of three as his friend said, immediately, he thinks that he can eat two peaches. He always wants to get much more than other people. For example, if he had brought four peaches to his friends as he noticed, then he could have got his last chance to become a human. After that, he regrets his wrong behavior, but it has been the lost chance for him. Finally, he has lost his last chance by himself.

Next, besides teaching the lesson that the greed is bad, this story also shows children that people have to try to be an honest man all the time. For instance, even though the man who has wanted to become a rich man finds four peaches and eats one at once, he should not have lied to his friends. Because of his greed, he eats one peach as soon as he finds them. However, the hermit would not have let him being a snake again, if he had said the truth which is that he has found four peaches instead of three, and he has eaten one already. He has no qualification to be the human till the last.

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So, this story emphasizes that how an honest mind is important.

In conclusion, this story represents two important lessons to children; people should not be greedy, and people have to try to be an honest all the time. There are many similar stories in the world like this story, and many children have learned these meaningful lessons reading those books from long time ago.

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