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Air Bags Friend Or Foe

In total, says the NHTSA air bags reduce fatal injuries by thirteen percent for adult passengers when air bags and seat belts are used. Passengers using air bags and seat belts are fifty percent less likely to suffer fatal or serious injuries than unrestrained ones.

Over fifty people have been killed by air bags in the United States.

These people were not using seat belts, one problem of using air bags without seat belt is the impact zone. When using a seat belt the air bag will hit you in the torso where it is designed to impact. An unrestrained passenger is more likely to be hit in the head or neck causing your neck to hyperextend. That can cause serious of fatal injuries.

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The death of a Tennessee child last year demonstrated that air bags can kill people, even if they are belted. The child had there seat belt on but when the air bag hit them it still resulted in a fatal accident.

The problem of children’s deaths with air bags is caused by there size not the air bag itself. they are to small to be hit in the right zone of impact.

Ten children killed in 15 and eighteen in 16 are not actable standards. Something needs to be done for the children also.Hight adjustment on there seat or a switch to shut them off.

The government now has decided to allow drivers to deactivate the passenger side air bags if you have small children of small adults that ride with you.

What about he drivers that don’t like to wear there seat belts? They have the right to not have air bags at all. They don’t need to be scared every time they get in there car of a 150 mile per hour air bag killing them if they get in a wreck.

I think that the government estimate that air bags have saved over 1,481 driver and 1 passengers far out weighs someone personal preference to wear a seat belt .Also it has become a law in many states through out the U.S. that you have to wear you belt or get a citation for it.

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