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crime and punishment

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Essay # Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment for as long as I recall just go together. When you were a child you did something wrong like a crime you immediately got punished. Then when children get older the word crime and punishment gets a more serious edge. If we commit a crime we get punished as of stealing, DUI’s, and disobeying laws of all sorts. But crime comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes there are many sorts of crimes to commit. But in the end who defines what is and is not a crime? The law sets rules and regulations and most of the time if you do not abide by the rules it is a crime, but then who decides punishment? A judge or jury decides the fitting punishment most of the time. But there are always certain circumstances to a crime, so what happens the when life or death are on the line? Is it really fair? I believe these two selections from our textbook show great definitions of compassion and sympathy for criminals and that maybe not every crime has the fitted punishment.

The story “A Crime of Compassion” brings up many viewpoints as far as the publics opinion goes. I would have to agree that most people have a right to die, because if anyone was in that type of a miserable situation and in unbearable pain they would pry chose to pull the plug. In this story a person can feel the sympathy and compassion from the nurse to Mac, I believe it would be hard not to feel sympathetic in her position. This story really displays the affection and frustration she is feeling throughout those six months. For her to be charged with murder is truly fabricated. I believe it was unjust to charge a nurse for passive euthanasia. Euthanasia brings up another subject and this is why I believe this is where the AMA or doctors should draw the line. A dictionary defines euthanasia as “the intentional killing by act or omission of a dependent human being for his or her alleged benefit.” The key word is intentional. If it is not intentional than it is not euthanasia. However, there are two kinds of euthanasia active and passive. Active is the type of euthanasia that a nurse or doctor would take action to kill a patient. Therefore, give the patient an injection or something to make the patient die. Passive euthanasia is to withhold from giving the patient their medication or anything and giving them a natural death by request of the patient or immediate family of course. This is why I believe that what the nurse in this story should not be charged with murder. All she did was use an act of passive euthanasia. I think passive euthanasia should be legal and active should not. This is where I believe doctors should draw the line because passive euthanasia is just giving justice to the patient and giving them the right to die. It may seem harsh to stop giving care or in this case not calling code. But like she said in the story all the doctor had to do was put a “no code” restriction and he could died along time of go and not had to drag his pain out so far. For the reason of passive euthanasia I believe that the nurse in this story was only using an act of wise judgment, not murder. She should not be charged with murder of this patient and passive euthanasia completes why she was not guilty.

“After My Arrest” by Judith Clark was an emotional display of a mothers confined care. This story makes a person stop and think that maybe people do change for the better in prison. This poem is very clear to its audience and it makes a reader feel what this woman feels as a mother that is confined from social interactions of the world and her child. At first I felt bad for Judith, then as I come to realize I felt sympathy for her child. For the child to be in a up bringing as that her mom is in prison and in general at that age will not get the fact that Judith is the child’s real mother. That would be hard for child to live their life like that with their mother in prison. Although, people have to take consequences for their actions but I think that this poem brings up the other side to not all people who commit crimes are truly criminal at heart. After reading the introduction paragraph and how she has completed a bachelors and masters in prison and currently teaches classes to women in prison really looks like she had turned her life around. From her powerful words in this poem, I would take a second look at her punishment. True, at the time it was a justifiable punishment for the crime committed. But, twenty-two years later look at her and much just through words that I believe that she changed. After this long and since she has come this far and excelled in many subjects, the prison should count some of that in a form of a parole. I believe that as of this day Judith Clark is unfairly punished and she be on some kind of program to determine her punishment. Many people do not succeed in prison for the good, but I think Judith succeeded in a wholesome manner and needs a second judgment as of the year 00.

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As one can see that through out these stories the crimes these ladies are committed for is not justice. These ladies are deeply good people and deserve a second chance at life. Sometimes everyone always looks at a criminal and see crime on their forehead. People need to make a second look at the real human being inside these people because like I said not every person who commits a crime is a criminal.

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