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My First Assignement an Excetive

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My First Assignment as Executive Assistant

Professor Susan Lane


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July , 00


Thomas J. Sadler

The mission of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital is the provisions of a state-of-the-art healthcare technology coupled with modern delivery systems that are convenient and cost effective. We will distinguish ourselves from others by combining technology with people and systems to offer services of superior quality. We will succeed by joining with physicians to serve patients compassionately and competently.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the hospital is facing many challenges in his present operating environment. Several of these challenges can be attributed to those involved with the hospital in most any capacity having differing interpretations of what the mission of the hospital is.

The media presenting headlines regarding medical errors is the source of one of the problems that Mark, the CEO, is facing. This media coverage of the current statistics regarding medical errors may contribute to another problem the hospital is facing. This problem is a decrease in patients that the hospital services. This decrease is greatly affecting the budgeting for the hospital. Since there are fixed costs that the hospital must spend to operate regardless of how many patients it cares for, a decrease in patients means a decrease in revenue from these patients. Having less income but not having a proportional decrease in operating costs due to the fixed costs of the hospital may force the CEO to reduce expenditures. The budget would need to be trimmed in various ways, which could include a reduction in staff, lesser availability of specialists, staff, or equipment, and having to turn away patients who may not have the ability to pay. Each of these scenarios would have a negative affect on the hospital in some capacity. With the cost of insurance for the hospital rising, this makes this particular issue that much more important.

Another problem the hospital is facing deals with the differing views of how to implement the mission statement within the medical environment, and the conflict of views among different groups. Patients feel that they should have the right to refuse medical treatments based on their beliefs, including the implementation of do-not-resuscitate orders, or the refusal of surgeries due to their religious beliefs. At the same time, doctors and nurses are faced with having to uphold their Hippocratic Oaths, while balancing their own beliefs and their interpretation of the mission of the hospital. They may not perform a treatment due to their beliefs, which a patient may want or need, and another doctor needs to be found that is willing to perform the treatment. Thrown into this mix are outside organizations such as the Florida Department of Child and Family Services who can potentially take children away from a family if medical treatment is denied either by the medical staff or the family.

The view regarding payments to the hospital from patients, and how to handle patients who may not be able to pay, also differs widely throughout Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Some may turn patients away because they are unable to pay, knowing that the hospital must have an income in order to serve the good of the community. Others may take patients without the ability to pay or even set up payment or other arrangements for such patients, being that their faith denotes them helping others above and beyond the financial needs of the hospital.

A solution that would encompass resolution for all of these problems the hospital is facing would be hard to organize. A solution that I would propose for these situations would first and foremost entail the designing of policies and procedures that must be followed by those involved in the hospitals operations. These policies should be in keeping with the hospitals mission statement, and should also prescribe the amount of leeway that individuals are allowed to take regarding these policies. It would be near impossible to prescribe a set of policies that would apply to everyone and would satisfy the staffing and family requirements of keeping with their personal beliefs, as all beliefs will inevitably vary widely. Drawing up such a prescription of policies would need to include strict definitions for those policies, which the hospital must keep under any circumstances. An example of this would be in a situation where the outside law is involved. The hospital must abide by the law to stay in operations, and defining those laws within the polices would keep those in check who may not readily see or agree with where the line may be drawn on certain issues. A family may have the right by law to choose a do-not-resuscitate order for their child by law, but in the location of the hospital Child and Family Services that treatment could not be denied for some conditions such as appendicitis may govern it.

The solution proposed for Tallahassee Memorial Hospital would also need to draw out how much leeway each group of individuals can take in regards to their personal beliefs. Any leeway granted to employees or other groups should be documented at the start of employment or involvement with the hospital. For example, this would allow the hospital to better keep tabs on whose beliefs would conflict with the needs of certain patients, or the medical treatment and staffing necessities of various departments.

The issue of the need for either cost reduction or increased patient visits could be resolved in part by they hospital creating media awareness in the community of the services the hospital offers, the credentials of the hospital and its staff, and the track records of the hospital and how it may compare against the national statistics, if that is a positive point that the hospital could portray. The community needs to be aware of the hospitals mission and its commitments to the community, along with how it statistically fits in against the national estimates regarding such things as medical mistakes. Another way that the hospital could remedy this particular issue is through touting its policies regarding taking patients who may not have insurance or may not have full coverage. Increasing the patient amount statistically could bring up the amount of revenue that the hospital retains, creating the ability to offset the fixed operating costs that the hospital will face regardless of how many patients it treats. If the hospital can increase the number of patients through marketing in the community and word of mouth of their ability to help patients without regular insurance, the hospital will increase the amount of money it brings in. Even if some of these patients are unable to pay, the majority will be able to pay some money on a regular basis, such as monthly, to the hospital, increasing the amount of money coming in to the hospital to offset the fixed costs.

Through more community awareness about the hospital to increase patient count, and through organizing those involved with the hospital into groups with similar beliefs and providing minimum guidelines for those groups, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital should be able to better balance its budget, better serve its patrons, and more readily meet the individual needs of its community.

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