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The Novel Deadly Unna

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The novel ‘Deadly Unna’ tells the story of a white boy named Gary black and his

friendship with a aboriginal boy named Dumby Red. the story finds Blacky tackling

issues of racism and his friendship, admiration and respect for his Aboriginal friend

grows. throughout the novel, Blacky learns many lesson about racism and racist

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attitudes and these help him to develop a better insight into himself, others around

him and into the lives of Aboriginal people in his town. Blacky also learns the

importance of standing up for what he believes in.

Blacky didn’t have much in common with the others because he was a white boy and

most of the younger generation from his area where Aborigine’s, but Blacky seemed

to have other friends such as Pickles and all his siblings he seemed to be a bit of an

outsider maybe a bit shy. Reasons why Blacky didn’t have any Aboriginal friends was

racism that was clouding there town, many of the older generation would tell racist

jokes at the pub about the Nungas at the point and the graffiti. And mostly the only

thing that they had in common between each races of people at the point was that they

played football together in the same team an this year they where playing for the


One of the main lessons that Blacky had learnt that he could be friendly to an

Aboriginal Player of his team, But at fist Blacky was jealous of this Aboriginal boy

because he had perfect teeth, know what to say to the girl, acted real stuckup, and

was the best player on the football team, But later when Blacky ends up in a fight

with the opposition ‘maddog’ in the main street of Tangaratta and Dumby Red helps

Blacky and saves him from the vise grip of the Maddog. Blacky then sees Dumby as

one of his best friends for helping him. After this Blacky seems to respect the Nungas


When the team had won the premiership Blacky and Dumby Red where the best of

friends this night Blacky learnt that the racism had to stop, when they received their

trophies the coaches son had won the B.O.G , not Dumby even though he was the best

player in the team and the best on the ground he basically won the game for them not

Mark Arks. Blacky was disgusted in this outbring and throw his best team man trophy

in the beach and that night Blacky decided to quit playing for the football team.

Blacky had remembered when Darcy made a consulting comment about one of

Blacky’s friend Clarence, and the time at the jetty when Clarence and some of her

other Nunga friends where walking around and Blacky didn’t even acknowledge her

and her friend Blacky felt ashamed of himself and then he realized that they just

didn’t mix together. But When Dumby Red his best friend was shoot dead at the local

pub while they were trying to break in, he learnt the most important lesson that was

do what your heart tells you, he knew that he couldn’t go to Dumby’s funeral when all

his friend told him not to go even his mother said that its not a good idea son, Blacky

followed his heart and walked to the funeral of his best mate Dumby Red , Blacky

realized that the Nungas didn’t live in houses with no doors and without windows but

just like the he lived. Dumby’s family acknowledged Blacky and respected him for

going to Dumby’s funeral and looked after him for the rest of the day.

Blacky learnt after Dumby’s funeral that he had to do something about that disgusting

graffiti ‘Boongs Piss Off” at the jetty and he realized that he had to something about


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