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Odysseus the Man

Odysseus the man, the hero, the legend, Odysseus is a well known name in literature. In the readings of “The Odyssey” by Homer with Robert Fagles translation, I find Odysseus to be of the utmost importance to the writings. His character brings “The Odyssey” all its glory. Odysseus’s character, a heroic trademark, has several traits that are seen throughout his journey. These traits are his mind’s cunningness, his will to survive and his loyalty.

Odysseus has a magnificent skill to manipulate his way with such ease. His character is devious but not obvious. One example of this skill is his meeting with Cyclopes. He comes upon the cave on the one-eyed monster where he is not greeted with a warm welcome. Cyclopes has the intentions of eating him and all his men. Odyssey comes up with a clever plan. He greets Cyclopes with wine to help him fall asleep. In the meantime, Odysseus and his men already prepared a sharpened stick that they decided to use on the Cyclopes eye. The clever part is what Odysseus does next, as stated “So, you ask me the name I’m known by, Cyclops? I will tell you. But you must give me a guest-gift as you’ve promised. Nobody-that’s my name. Nobody-so my mother and father call me, all my friend.” (.408-411) In return, when the Cyclopes screamed out and all the other Cyclopes approached asking if someone was killing him. He replied “Nobody is killing me” so of course they then disregarded his screaming. This was a brilliant use of Odyssey using his mind to find a way out.

His will to return is another trait that brings a lot of the character to the surface. He states that he is just a mortal man and he suffers extremely but he journey’s on with hopes of returning home one day. While on Calypso’s Island Odysseus is put to the test they offer him immortality as stated by Odysseus “the goddess took me in in all her kindness, welcomed me warmly, cherished me, even vowed to make me immortal, ageless, all my day�Seven endless years I remained there, always drenched with my tears.” (7.4-) His will to turn down immortality to continue on through all this hardship knowing that the gods would be easy on him. Through all this his will to survive is great and he pushes on every time. The statement I remained there drenched with tears was a sign that he wanted to return home and no matter what Calypso did he would always want home.

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The loyalty he has to his home and family. After everything he has gone through well on this journey. He still misses his family and home and worries about them. He brings up his heart while on Calypso’s Island. Even though Calypso was giving him everything he mentioned “she never won the heart inside me, never.” (.7) His loyalty seemed to be to his family. They are his will to survive, his will to come home. In the reunion of Odysseus and Penelope the author makes a remark about the hug. This remark states “the more she spoke, the more a deep desire for tears welled up inside his breast-he wept as he held the wife he loved, the soul of loyalty, in his arms at last.” (.5-61) It is stated that his love for his wife was strong enough to bring him home.

In conclusion, Odysseus’s heroic journey through the cave of the one-eyed monster from the land of the dead. His journey shows his impressive traits as a character to this book. The first trait is his cunning mind in which he uses to trick the Cyclopes. His will to survive even after seven years of captivity on Calypso’s Island. Most important is loyalty to his family which all ties together for his will to survive and his cunning mind to deceive his way back to the family which he loves so much. Odysseus the man and the hero who will survive all odds placed before him. Homer created a wonderful character when writing such magnificent poems. This character was the main attraction for this book and I can probably read it over and over and always find something new and intriguing.

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