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one little peice of paper can harm the environment

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The bin or the floor? Australian smokers are constantly asking themselves this question. So where should they dispose their cigarette? The answer is incredibly obvious.

Good morning to the young Australians and all the parents.

Australian smokers are aware of their other options besides littering their cigarettes, but they aren’t using them.

As the Young Australian of the year I am taking it upon me to address this terrible issue, and to fix it, in every way possible.

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Smoking cigarettes alone is extremely bad for your health; it is one of the highest causes of death in Australia. So why do people smoke? There is no point. Not only is this harmful to your body, but smokers are constantly tossing their cigarette butts on our grounds, which causes a lot of harm.

Cigarette littering in our local community is a huge problem. Our environment is being destroyed from theses butts. You may think tossing just one butt won’t make a difference right? No, wrong. In Australia there is 5. million smokers. So if everyone had the same attitude as you, can you imagine how many smokes would be tossed on the ground each day?

Not many people are aware of how many butts are tossed; but it is the most common litter item in Australia.

The majority of people believe that throwing their butt on the ground isn’t harmful well, this is very wrong. A cigarette contains 4000 poisonous chemicals and is composed of a type of plastic, so it takes15 years for the cigarette butt to break down.

Cigarettes are a severe threat to the wildlife; the butts are being washed up in the oceans and are being eaten by the animals because they are mistaking them for food. The chemicals in the butt will constantly kill the animals and eventually they will become extinct- all because a smoker was too lazy to walk over to a bin.

Also land animals are in threat. If a butt was thrown in the ground while it’s still lit horrific bushfires could break out. In the bushes the animals’ habitat can be destroyed, and they could easily face death. Houses amongst the bushes could also be in great danger; and burn down. Humans are also threatened if they are in their home while it is burning.

Australian plants are also affected by the cigarette littering. The butts sink into the soil and the chemicals leak from the butt, which causes harm to the plant, and could possibly kill the plant. This leaves us with little plants and again, they could also become extinct.

Cigarette littering is a major issue, so who is helping us fix this?

Well, Councils Law Enforcement Officers are on the streets and ready to fine offenders who are caught dropping a butt on the street. They will receive a fine for up to $00.

In particular Lismore city council has introduced Butt-Out Bins to the down town area and Lismore Square Shopping Centre, to prevent the littering. You also will receive a $60 fine if you are caught littering a Cigarette pack.

In psalm 104 10-11 it says that God created the rivers for the animals to drink from, to keep them alive. Now if the butts were in our rivers that the animals drink from this would then kill the animals because of all the poisonous chemicals in the water.

Psalm 104 14- also states that there is grass for cattle and plants for food, well how can the cattle eat this grass and how could we eat the plants if they have been poisoned by the chemicals in the cigarette butts.

And finally in Psalm 104 1-1 it mentions the birds’ habitat, and the branches they sing in. But if the butts are being tossed while still alight, and a bush fire breaks out, then the birds’ habitat will be destroyed and the trees will no longer be there for them.

We need to teach the Australian youth how much this does effect the environment, so we have organised for several environmental speakers to come around to each primary & high school to talk about the consequences, which will be followed by a number of fun games and activities to keep the students interested.

I personally believe that we have a wonderful local community, but unfortunately I have to say that it’s not in a great condition! The amount of cigarette butts I see on the floor when I walk by on the streets is appalling! The presentation of our community reflects our personalities. So if our streets look disgusting, then what does that say about us?

If we all work together and stop being rude, and start showing respect, I believe we can make a great difference for our community!

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