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Parts Of a Motor

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Parts of an Electric Motor

• Armature or rotor

• Commutator

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• Brushes

• Axle

• Field magnet

• DC power supply of some sort

Parts of an electric motor

An electric motor is about magnets and magnetism A motor uses magnets to create motion. The fundamental law of all magnets is Opposites attract and likes repel. So if you have two bar magnets with their ends marked north and south, then the north end of one magnet will attract the south end of the other. The north end of one magnet will repel the north end of the other magnet. As an electric motor, these attracting and repelling forces create rotational motion.

The basic parts of the electric motor are the two brushes that transfers the battery volts over to the wires that are then transferred over by the opposite attracting magnets, which causes the rotational motion. The axel is the part that supports the armature body so that when it spins it spins freely. The key thing to notice is that as the armature passes through the horizontal position, the poles of the electromagnet flip. Because of this flip, the north pole of the magnet is always above the axle so it can repel the field magnets north pole and attract the field magnets south pole. The two north and south pole magnet repel so that the electric volt is then transferred. The battery provides the power to the motor so that it is then processed down the line to the end of it which the power is transferred over to make the rotational motional.

Electric motors that you can find in your house.

1. Fan over stove

. Blender

. Ice maker

4. Tape player

5. Vacuum cleaner

6. Dryer

7. Washer

8. Electric toothbrush

. electric razor

10. Starter in a car

Without motors today we would probably be in the 1800s’. The date would probably be 1810. My life today is better because if we didn’t have electric motors we would not have anything to clean our clothes with, without using our hands and we wouldn’t have cars because certain parts of cars need to have electric motors to run and to cool down the engine.

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