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Review of Pat Conroy's "the Water is Wide

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Pat Conroy and his friends arrange a trip to Beaufort on Halloween for his students. At first he was met with a lot of opposition. Mrs. Brown told him no while constantly

reminding him that she was the principal of the school. He was also meant with opposition from the parents of the students. They feared that their loved ones would lose their lives to the raging river that separated Yamacraw from the main land. After persisting with his plan he finally convinced Mrs. Brown and the parents of the student to allow their children to go. After a few minor set backs the trip was under way. The students had a great time and spoke of it for weeks.

The students of Beaufort even sent letters to them.

Chapter seven

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In this chapter we see a new side of the students in Mr. Conroy’s Class. A different view of Mrs.

Brown is also reviled. At the beginning of the book her thoughts on how a black children must be taught seem to be figurative. In this chapter her thoughts are proved to be literal. She is heard beating the children in her own class. The students in Mr. Conroy’s class spoke of her cruel names for the leather straps she wore. One being Dr. Discipline and the other being Professor Medicine. She also constantly attack them verbally. Telling them that they were retarded, that would end up alcoholics or wastrels like their parents. At one point in the chapter Mrs. Brown saw Prophet swinging from a urinal tank she humiliated he to the point he cried. Ending the chapter Conroy teaches the boys how to milk a rat.

Chapter eight

Chapter eight is started with Conroy giving reasons why he was moving from his home on the island at the end of October. He gave three reason. The first being that he wanted to live with his family. The second being that it seemed to be foolish to be paying to rent to houses .The third his fear of rats. The house he rented from Ted Stone was had a field. After the Island’s official grass cutter cut his grass he realized the plague of rats that had lived beneath. After killing many of them with poisons recommended by Ted Stone a few where still alive. As shown by their fresh droppings. After a horrifying night with a rat he gives the house back to Mr. Stone. After a few weeks Conroy starts to commute. In the last half of the chapter many things develop. Such as the winter. The school had no heaters nor air conditioners. The class would laugh at his blue feet.

Heaters and air conditioners were installed as climate controllers. He also wrote Mr. Piedmount

to justify voyages on the boat. Conroy wrote him telling him that his most valuable teaching

supplies were transported by the boat.

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