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Cathy Freeman, born 17 in Mackey Queensland is a proud Australian and a well-known athlete around the world who is committed and loyal to her country Australia. She is an athlete who is very much admired and respected in Australia. Apart from a superstar she is a well-known icon globally as one of Australias best track athlete. Cathy Freeman has charmed the world and showed that she conquered her dream on the track through hard work and sheer commitment. She is proud both to be Australian and Aboriginal. From winning gold medals in various states in the world and a gold medal at the 000 Olympic Games to becoming Australian of the year showed the world a definition of a true Australian which is to be proud of who you are, be committed and make some sacrifice to achieve your gold and most importantly to represent ones country.

Cathy Freemans talent was discovered at her young age. She was first recognised when she started to win almost every race she took part in. Cathy obtained a scholarship at an exclusive girls school where she was given professional coaching. Later that year her and her brother were recognised by national sport officials and were sent to an athletes exchange tour to the US. This was the first step to her career. By 18 Cathy timed 11.67 seconds in the 100-metre race and her first coach, a Romanian Mike Danial was amazed. He quoted, T o coach Cath Freeman…. I was on the moon. In all my coaching years I hadnt seen a talents like hers. Cathy then started to be recognised as an Australian athlete. At the young age of sixteen she won gold at the Commonwealth games as part of the 4x100-metre relay team in 10. The same year she was named young Australian of the year.

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One of Cathys memorable games in her professional career was the Victorian Canada Commonwealth Games that showed she was a great athlete and a true Australian when she won both gold medals for the four hundred and two hundred meter race. In her victory lap she held up the Australian flag and Aboriginal flag high in the air to show the world that she was so proud to be an Australian as well as an Aborigine. She showed great patriotism towards her country, Australia and showed who she was which represented her kind spirit, commitment and passion towards what she does and her country, which gave her the opportunity to achieve this.

In 18 Nick, Cathys coach was proud to hear that Cathy Freeman was chosen to be Australian of the year which emphasised her dedication to her talent. Cathy was so excited and declared, I guess Im making history. She was chosen because she worked hard and sacrificed a lot of her time to her passion and also was loyal to her country and was proud to represent it. Cathy could have represented any country but she knew in her heart that she was a true Australian.

Cathy Freeman was most honoured when she was proudly chosen to light the cauldron at the opening of the 000 Games in Sydney. She said proudly, the honour of lightning the cauldron at the 000 Olympic Games was beyond my wildest dreams and ever since I started training I always said to myself I am proud to be Australian. This was a moment that she would never forget and would be her most favourable event. Cathy was proud and overjoyed to have the opportunity to light the cauldron and one can say that Australia was honoured to have Cathy light it and in turn she was proud to represent her country Australia.

Another event which showed her as a dignified patriotic Australian was at the 000 Olympic Games held in Sydney where Cathys dream came true ever since childhood. Her dream of winning a medal at the 000 Olympics was fulfilled after many years of commitment for her country, sacrifice and hard work. She was simply ecstatic when she won the gold medal for the 400-metre race in record time of 4.11seconds.

In conclusion all the hard work, commitment and dedication she has put into her running Cathy Freeman is a proud Australian who has achieved her goal and made her country proud. She worked hard from the age of 16 and worked her way up to be one of the best running Australian athletes in all time and most of all she is proud to be a n Australian.

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