Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Critic

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Over 0 years ago when I was in my early 0s I lived for music. I was living at home, working, and paying very little rent. I had a good deal of discretionary income and that was invariably spent on music. I bought LPs to listen to at home and eight-track tapes to listen to in the car.

I bought jazz, folk, country, and rock and roll. I bought blues, spoken word, and nostalgia. My appetitite for any recorded work was insatiable. I wanted to buy more and more. Unfortunately, due to my adventurous nature in choosing selections to buy, I found myself spending good money on bad music. Even though I had money to spend, I realized that for every bad LP or eight-track I bought there was one smokin one that I would be unable to purchase.

Then the idea hit me. There are magazines that pay people the big bucks to review records. I started buying Rolling Stone and reading the record reviews. They only had a few reviewers and a lot of reviews so the same reviewer would write his opinion on several releases. I didnt need help with the bands I was familiar with so I was using the reviewers as an aid to find new music.

I started out by buying a release that one of the reviewers rated as good. I wish I could remember his name but it escapes me now. I bought it, took it home, put in on the turntable, and after listening to it I thought Wow, that really sucked. I thought it was a flook. I bought another release that garnered a good review from the same reviewer. I took it home, listened to it and once again it was a stinkpot. More money wasted...bad music...whats a boy to do?

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Here is what this boy did. The next time he panned a release I bought it, listened to it and I loved it! It came to be a negative review situation. He never let me down again after I realized the key to interpreting his reviews.

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