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“No”, a loud scream came from Jim as he felt his eyes drive out of his face in his bed. Jim turned as pale as a ghost as he sat in his bed and looked towards his closed door. He noticed his room was so empty, more than ever before. He breathed two fatal breaths and found himself calming down. He decided to get up for he knew it was only a horrible nightmare that had overcome him. The strange thing was that he had been having similar nightmares to this one every time his parents were away. He opened his hard wooden door and stumbled to his hard wooden table. He gathered some milk from his ice chest and got some oats out of the cupboard. He was glad that school was over and looked at the family clock. It was 0 and his parents weren’t due back for another three hours. Still something troubled Jim, he couldn’t get over the horrifying dream he had just overcome him. It felt so real to him and he knew not what to do. He decided to go see his dark skinned friend Paul, his parents forbid him from being friends with him, but he enjoyed his company and his parents were away. He never knew what his parents had against Paul, but he never questioned them because he knew the consequences for talking back.

As he passed Pauls house he noticed a strange cross that looked like it had been on fire previously in the front yard, it was about two metres high and one metre long. Pauls house was smaller than the others in the neighborhood and had a Jesus loves you sign on the outer wall. If that wasn’t enough, his friend Paul wasn’t even at home and his parents were nowhere to be seen. How the black folk of Carolina had been mistreated and misunderstood by some of the white Americans. It was probably a practical joke of some kind, but it didn’t seem funny to Jim. He could smell fuel all over the house, it was as if someone had tried to burn the house down but failed. He thought about Paul and his family, had they gone on holiday? Who would do a thing like this to their house? He went into the yard and tried to pull the cross out of the ground. Just then he heard a thunderous voice “Jim you get away from there, I’ve warned you to stay away from that house!”, Jim turned around nervously for he recognized the voice. It was his father and mother back from their business trip. Get into the automobile now I’ll deal with you when we get home. We had a rather flash motor-car it was a 150 Rolls Royce only a year old. The car ride home was very quiet and he could only hear silent mutter going on from his parents.

As they approached their wooden home, Jim prepared for the worst as he knew he was deeply in trouble. It was not long before his father grabbed the harsh wooden cane out of the cupboards. Jim had been hit so many times that the cane had an indent of Jims leg on it. His fathers cruel large arm pulled back over his head, and Jim heard the cane come towards his body as he got hit by the weapon. Jim sustained a sturdy look on his face, but inside tears were building up. After the fifth hit, Jims father told him to stay away from the house and pointed to his room. “You can come out for dinner”.

Jim went to his room and thought about his friends house. Jim had a yearning to go and see it again. He didn’t know where this was coming from but he felt a warm feeling come across his teenage mind. “I’ve gotta get out”, he whispered to himself. He knew his parents were outside to stop him. He felt his heart pushing for him to get outside and go back to Pauls house. Why he had been given these feelings he didn’t know, nor did he know why he was to go back to the house. He decided he had to go outside and plead to his parents to leave. He felt his feet moving towards the door, it was like he had lost control of them as they were raging towards the door. Jim touched the soft grass outside the house and we blocked off by his father with a deceitful look in his eyes. “Get back to your room, you are not going outside for the rest of today understood?”,

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“Yes father”, Jim knew challenging his father would only end in more hits, so he slowly regained control of his legs and managed to stagger upstairs. Jim decided he would go to sleep as there was nothing else to do.

Jim fell into a deep sleep and all his troubles went away for a while. He fell off into a new world in his dreams and before he knew it he was wide awake again. The same nightmare had come back to haunt him, however this time he saw flashes of the cross outside Pauls house and could almost smell the petrol that had been left on the house. That horrible nightmare would never leave him; he couldn’t get over it. It felt so real to him, he had to get out of the house and make it back go to Pauls house, he had to. Just then he realized that his parents had another business trip on later that night, so he decided to wait until then to get free of the prison that was his home. The time went painfully slow as he waited for his parents to leave him alone to be free once more. He had sat in every part of his room and was almost driven into insanity awaiting his parents to leave. The walls seemed to enclose on him and he felt his mind drifting away. The eagerness he felt to leave the house was catastrophic and he finally heard three beautiful sounds. Knock. Knock. Knock. His mother opened the door, “Were leaving, you can make up your own dinner and don’t leave the house. We will be home tomorrow”,

He had to lie to his parents; at this stage it was impossible for him to stay at home, he had to get out. He replied “Yes, I will stay at home”, he knew he had sinned he had to follow his thoughts.

“Ok, well I’ll see you tomorrow”.

As he watched his parents leave the house, he packed his bag with a lantern, spare clothes and a rope. He knew this would be a long mission.

Once Jim finished packing his bad he walked for the door. He ignored his grumbling stomach as he had something more important to do. As he walked towards the house he thought to himself, ‘what could this mean, what were his dreams telling him, was his friend in trouble?’ Away in the distance all he could see was a blaze coming from Pauls house. He ran down the street and the house was on fire, he also noticed that the cross was gone. What was happening, he though to himself. Feelings of rage, apprehension, anxiety and anxiousness came upon him. He was worried about the family, but hoped that they had not returned home, but were still away like they were earlier that day.

Jim noticed a cross with a red blood drop painted on the burning wall of the house. He didn’t know what it meant but knew he must keep going.

He found himself walking away from the blazing house and his legs started to run. He didn’t know where he was going but he just kept running. He had run so far that he could no longer see his little South Carolina house. He kept running, he was too energized to lose endurance. Usually he would be staggering, finding it hard to progress but he just kept going. Now he knew he was lost, but he could hear a strange chanting sound coming from the west. He ran towards the area where the chanting was going on and hid himself in a nearby bush. He scanned the area and could see a group of white clothed people, with white hoods crowded around a tree and two black people. What was that, he saw something that would haunt him for the rest of his life. Someone was hanging from the tree by a rope. A cool breeze ran through Jims bald neck, he started to shiver. ‘No, how could anyone do this’, he thought to himself. Suddenly a supernatural feeling floated into Jims body until it began to burst. He recognized this place from his dream, his, no it couldn’t be true. He looked down and took a closer look at the two black figures, he spotted out his friend Paul. ‘Then this means’, he stopped, no how, why, he knew what was going to happen to his friend Jim.

Jim ran towards the group, a thousand thoughts rushing through his head. He couldn’t sustain himself, he had lost control of himself and was disappearing towards the murderers. “Stop, how could you do this?”. Jim screamed. Three large people, hidden by white hoods and clothes tried to restrain him. He struggled, twisting, turning and shouting. “Let me free”, Jim yelled.

“Restrain yourself and you wont get hurt”, the stranger alleged.

“Wait”, a voice overcame the group and they stopped their actions, everyone backed off and two people walked towards me, however there clothes were a little different like they were the leaders or something.

Jim’s dream was slowly coming to reality. He started to think of his parents, ‘ oh no, this cant be right’.

Jim knew who the members in the suits were, he knew who the clan leaders were. He couldn’t bare it, he tried to talk himself out of it but he knew it was the truth. The reason why he wasn’t permitted to be friends with black kids finally made sense. His parents were group leaders of the KKK. Mum, Dad he frantically said as his the two walked towards him. He stared with wide eyes as the two grabbed for their hoods. ‘Oh no”, Jim thought they were going to take off their masks. He eagerly awaited, his muscles became tense, his legs felt like they were paralyzed. The hoods came off and he recognized his mother and fathers face underneath the cold hoods.

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