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Shakespeare skillfully uses the concepts of gender and disguise in many of his plays. These concepts work very well in “As You Like It” and “Twelfth Night” in particular. The use of gender and disguise proves to be a great device, as it enhances the plot, amusement, tension, and excitement of both plays. Disguised characters trigger mistaken identity and confusion, and convey the message of appearance not necessarily being reality. The characters in the plays that are disguised (in particular, the women) seem to be empowered by their roles as men, which have allowed them to achieve more in the course of the story and be taken more seriously than they would have been if they were being looked upon as women. We are allowed to see the true strength, intelligence, and control of the women (masquerading as men) thus, the disguise ironically gives the reader a better insight into the true essence of the character with the false identity.

In “Twelfth Night”, the concept of disguise both causes and resolves the complications within the play. In fact, the entire plot is based on Viola being disguised as “Cesario”. This disguise, allows Viola to gain access into the court of Orsino, gain his trust, and get close to him, which shows what an intelligent woman she is in the first place. Although she is acting as a man (and it is only in this role that she is allowed to get away with all of this), it is her fundamental nature as a woman that truly causes the feelings/emotions that are shown towards her. The disguise also allows her to fall in love with Orsino. Unfortunately, the disguise also causes Viola to become infatuated with “Cesario”. Viola’s true identity/sex isn’t revealed until Sebastian (her twin brother) appears. Although the tension of the story has been steadily building by this time (because of the love triangle that has surfaced), the real excitement and fun begins because of the all of the confusion that occurs from the mistaken identity of the two siblings.

Violas disguise also influences other characters in the story. Because Olivia instantly falls in love with Sebastian (in which case she actually falls in love with an appearance and not the reality of who “he” really is), she succeeds at bouncing back from the depression/stupor she was in because of her brother’s death. Orsino is also fooled by appearance and proves to be oblivious to the reality that the “man” he has taken in is not only a woman, but also one that has fallen deeply in love with him.

The deceptive concepts of gender and disguise are prevalent in “As You Like It” as well. Rosalind and Celia disguise themselves as men when they run away to the forest. It is through these disguises that the characters of the two girls develop. Rosalind’s inner strength is revealed through the power she gains from her disguise as a man. There seems to be an evolution of is able to take advantage of her disguise by helping two pastoral characters unite, and also by planning her own wedding. the evolution of feminine identity within a controlling patriarchal system of power informs both setting and characterization.. Rosalind derives her power from her masculine disguise. Women have the intelligence and know-how to compete with men. The motif of women struggling to prove their worth--or suffering under male domination. All things are not as they seem. Shakespeare disguises women as men to further a plot. Rosalind dons the garb of a man to become a shepherd as she seeks out her love, Orlando. In each of these plays, the women disguised as men eventually reveal their true female identities.

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Using the concepts of disguise and gender in this play, Shakespeare brilliantly allows his readers to be “in on the fun” as the characters in the story are completely fooled. We can intimately view the actions of the characters that are disguised, and judge them from both points of view (male and female). The concept of gender adds depth and insight to these two plays, while the theme of disguise enhances the plot and provides humor in the form of zany mix-ups and confusion.

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