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It is an offence to fire any weapon within 50 feet of the centre of any roadway, if by doing so you cause a nuisance. This offence could be committed by someone on private property close to a road who used a gun in a way, which upsets people on the road

The frequency polygon is a line graph connecting the mid points at the top of the histogram bars, and shows how frequency decreases/increases for different numbers of letters per word. The frequency polygon for the newspaper starts at a low frequency, but quickly rises to a high frequency at 5 letters per word. It then stays at a high frequency until 11 letters per word and then rapidly drops, as there were no 1 lettered words. This suggests that in the newspaper, there are not as many words with less than five letters, than there are with more. There is in fact a high and fairly constant frequency of words with more than 5 letters per word. In the magazine though, the frequency polygon starts higher than in the newspaper, and rapidly rises up to 4 letters per word. It then drops and stays quite low. In the magazine there are far more words with less letters than in the newspaper, and not very many words at all with higher numbers of letters (6 and above). This again supports my hypothesis.

The statistics taken from autograph also support my hypothesis, but the standard deviation was not very useful, because both the newspaper and magazine have a very low standard deviation, which is almost identical in both cases. The statistics for the mean directly confirm that my hypothesis is correct in this case. My hypothesis was that the mean number of letters per word would be higher in the newspaper than in the magazine. The calculated mean figure proves this, as the mean number of letters per word in the newspaper is 6.5, compared to 5.71 in the magazine. The mode is also helpful, as it shows that in the newspaper, the most common number of letters per word, 5, is higher than the 4 for the magazine.

I therefore conclude that my original Hypothesis is correct in these circumstances. However, I believe that to convincingly prove that the hypothesis is true in all / most circumstances, far more data needs to be collected. I only investigated one magazine and one newspaper. My survey therefore is not very widespread. I need to test many more different types of newspapers and magazines to convincingly put across my hypothesis.

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