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Problem Identification

Fredrick Charlesworth Leisure (FCL) was established in 186 and has 5 clubs (4 of which have racquet facilities) across the country. It boasts massive 65,000 members and is the UKfs number 1 health and fitness club. FCL is a member of the FIA (Fitness Industry Association) which allows members to guest privileges to over 000 health and fitness clubs worldwide. Fredrick Charlesworth won several major golfing championships and is prestigious and legendary to the golfing world. GCL has recently been taken over by a new company, Andrew Mae PLC, for millions of pounds. The logo and other essential features are dated and not very eye catching. The company would like to re-launch the club to attract new members and companies to offers and the amazing facilities available at the leisure clubs. Chief Executive Mr James Ebbington of Andrew Mae PLC needs new ICT systems/solutions has asked me to do this for them to distract the members of company David Lloyd Leisure who have massively reduced membership prices to attract people to their facilities. Mr Ebbington would like to keep members where they are so there will be no finance loss.

Firstly the company has an gold fashionedh logo and would like to take advantage of the modern technology and new computer software to design a brand new one, which is bright and attractive. I would use drawing/ graphic/ DTP software to design the logo because it has clipart, fonts and many other drawing tools that I would need to make my logo. Hopefully this will help people remember the club because of this logo and would associate the club with it as well.

I will also make a new database (data handling system) including all of the names of the members in a single club using a data capture form to gather information on then collect then put it on a database or spreadsheet package. This database will make it easier to search through than files on paper, increase security and would also to up less space.

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I will also create a standard letter, which will advertise new offerfs for members at present and people considering joining. Members can take these offers and thereby this will encourage them to stay at the FCL. For this I will use a word processing or DTP package because it is the easiest way to type up letters because it has a variety of fonts and pictures can be imported into your piece of writing. I will also make a letterhead, which will be at the top of all letters that Fredrick Charlesworth Leisure distributes to members, and people who have visited the club recently. The letterhead will include the clubs name and all other essential information that is needed to contact the club. I will then use a mail merge facility to send the information to all members without writing out all there names and addresses individually.

I will also design a poster to advertise events or offers for promotional purposes will use a desktop publishing package for this because they have a wide range of backgrounds, WordArt, clipart to help with this process.

I will then design a spreadsheet showing memberships that have been paid for the month, so that no profits are lost by not collecting fees. I will use a spreadsheet package for this because it will do calculations automatically and is easily searched.


�I will make a attractive logo for a health and fitness club.

�I will design a database and a data capture form.

�I will create a letter and a letterhead and use mail merge.

�I will make a poster advertising events and offers.

�I will make a spreadsheet package showing money paid from memberships.

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