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Moon Landing Fake

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July 0, 16 is a defining moment for an entire generation of Americans, a historical day on which astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the Earths moon...or did he? Could this triumphant event just have been an elaborate plan fabricated in a secured sound studio? The American public, blinded by their swelling national pride and desire to beat the commies to space, ate up the entire convoluted scheme so deviously cooked up by NASA?

There are definitely some cracks in the conjured up story so masterfully invented by NASA that on the surface seem like nothing, but actually gives them away. Technology in the last 60s and early 70s is laughable by todays standards; computers then had about the thinking power of a modern day toaster oven and the computers they used, in size, took up more space than the ship had room for. Was the minimal amount of technology in this era really enough to get three men out of the Earths atmosphere and two of them to the moon? NASA might have originally pursued their lofty goal of a moon landing with high expectations and the belief they could really pull it off but with severe limitations, a decade old deadline to keep, and to save face in front of the soviets what else could the NASA scientists do? It is just too damn convenient that NASA scientists could have made such astounding progress so fast and with such efficiency.

The hard facts speak for themselves. When the lunar module lands on the moon its engines exert approximately 000lbs of pressure. Now this should have left an enormous hole in the ground, but no hole was left behind. NASA does all moon landings on the light side of the moon because of the supposed radio difficulty on the dark side. I dont care what kind of special protective suit the astronauts were wearing, with the temperature on the moon being an average of 60 to 80F they would have fried. Furthermore, the extreme temperature variations from shadow to sunlight would have caused significant contraction and expansion on the astronauts equipment making it almost certain they would breakdown and fail. The moon is just too damned hot to land on, let alone have astronauts collect rocks, play golf, and take a wealth of pictures to be sent back to Earth.

The alleged Apollo space missions brought back breathtaking film and still pictures to be marvelled at, but also to be scrutinized. Even though the moon would have been too hot to keep film from melting the pictures came out surprisingly clear. The phoney moon pictures were spectacularly done, but in some (not just the ones with unidentified shadows) there lies the hidden truth. Some photographs seem to be softly lit, showing a gradual shading effect like on Earth. These photographs must be forged because on the moon the shadows are pitch black and the light blindly bright. Something lightly shaded like some of the pictures is impossible because on the moon secondary light sources cant be used. For example try shining a flashlight at the sun and see what you can light up. In all the lunar film there are crosshairs marking distance. Some of the crosshairs in the pictures appear to be behind an object while others are in front of it. How could this be? This could not happen unless the crosshairs were put in after the photograph was made. Now there are always three astronauts on every Apollo mission, one must stay in the module while the other two can get out. So why in a certain picture are there three astronauts? Two reflected from the thirds helmet. Perhaps a breach in protocol, or perhaps a grave mistake during an artistic photography session by NASA.

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Now there are always jackasses that believe in the NASA conspiracy, but their only point is that there are no stars in any lunar pictures. Well it is true, as stated before astronauts always land on the light side of the moon. Try going outside during the day and count how many stars youre going to see.

Many Americans believe there was a conspiracy by the government in the JFK assassination, so why dont they believe in the NASA conspiracy? The great national pride an entire generation felt for being the first on the moon is blinding the American public in plain view of extremely convincing evidence even more damaging then the magic bullet theory. This evidence clearly shows that the entire Apollo space program is an elaborate charade put on by NASA. The hoax has gone on long enough. Even though the moon landing is a cherished memory for many I think the vast majority of the American public would rather know the truth.

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