Friday, January 6, 2012

My american dream

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My american dream is to get a college degree here at my local college then move to california to open my own practice. I would love to be able to get away from my hometown. I also need to be able to provide for my mother the way she has provided for me. And the only way I can do that is with an education. It just took me years after high school to realize that. I am not grateful that the state is paying for me to further my education.

My major is going to be Phschology. It will take me 6-8 years to get this degree. My goal is to get this degree and also pay off my car. Its hard to go to school full time and also work full time. So i am only going to work for a few months to save money then take the rest of the year off. od od rhee fahfrea dhfdkf djfhd dkfjdskl dfjdksfsdjf dfjkdfjds fjdkfjdf ddk d fdk dfjdk fjdkjf sakdjf djkdf dkjfdk dkfjdkf wolsl saioelm sfjlwjl d

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