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my life

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Diabetes. What is that? Well Diabetes is getting easier to control, but is

still incurable (Little 1). Diabetes is an illness that happens when the

Pancreas stops making Insulin (Betschart 16). The Pancreas produces Insulin

for the body (Betschart 1). Without Insulin the body can not grow

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properly (Betschart ). If the Pancreas does not make Insulin, the only

way to have enough is to take it by a syringe (Betschart 18). Food consumed

travels to the stomach where it is turned into sugar; the sugar then goes

into the blood, and Insulin helps it get into the cells, then the cells use the

sugar for energy (Betschart 4). Sugar, in the form of glucose, is the most

important energy source to all living tissue (Little 1 and 14). A cold or flu

can bring on Diabetes in some people who may have the gene for the disease

(Betschart 16). Diabetes is not contagious and does not restrict an

individual from activities and sports (Betschart 1).


Diabetes is a complex disease. So complex that it is classified into

two separate groups. The two common types of Diabetes are subgrouped as

type I and type II (Day By Day With Diabetes ). With either type of

diabetes, the cells can not make the energy the body needs to keep running

smoothly, and unused sugar builds up in the blood stream (Day By Day With

Diabetes ). There are different procedures and control mechanisms for

each type of Diabetes. Both should be treated with great respect and care.

Type I Diabetes is normally found in younger people, example is under

40 years of age. Type I is the more severe of the two; in which the

Pancreas does not produce enough Insulin to handle the sugar intake of the

body (Day By Day With Diabetes ). Therefore people with type I Diabetes

have to take Insulin injections to stay alive (Day By Day With Diabetes ).

Type I is based more on the gene for Diabetes then health problems such as

obesity. To determine diagnosis is by a bloodtest.

Type II is the more popular of the two types. Nine out of 10

Diabetics have type II (Day By Day With Diabetes ). In type II Diabetes,

the Pancreas makes enough Insulin, but the bodys cells have trouble using it

(Day By Day With Diabetes ). Type II Diabetes is possible to be controlled

by pills or a strict doctor prescribed diet. People are most likely to develop

type II Diabetes after 40 years of age (Day By Day With Diabetes ). In

adults over 45 years old, women are diagnosed more frequently with type II

(Little 14). However, in these days more and more children and teens are

being diagnosed with type II Diabetes. This is due to the sloppy diets of

America, causing a high percentage of obesity, which is another factor of


type II Diabetes. All factors are Age, weight, diet, physical activity, and

heredity (Day By Day With Diabetes ).

A major factor in controlling Diabetes is checking the bodys

bloodsugar. People with Diabetes need to check their blood for sugar and

urine for ketones (Betschart 0). Bloodsugar kits tell you how much sugar is

in ones blood and the exact date and time it was taken (Day By Day With

Diabetes ). A normal bloodsugar should be between 70 and 10

(Betschart 5). With low bloodsugar one should eat or drink something right

away, tell someone, and then check the bloodsugar once more about 15 to 0

minutes later (Betschart 4). High bloodsugar should be taken care of by

exercise, activity, or simply some extra Insulin to bring the high bloodsugar

reading down to normal (Betschart 7). When anyone with Diabetes is sick,

his or her bloodsugar levels usually become high, because body cells need

extra Insulin when they are sick (Betschart 77). Both high and low

bloodsugar has symptoms. Low bloodsugar can cause weakness and shakiness.

High blood sugar can cause extreme thirst and constant urination. Both can

cause blurred vision, irratibility, tired, and headaches. Diabetics also need

to test urine for ketones. Ketones are tested by urinating on a test strip.

Ketones are associated with high blood sugar and illness. Ketones are made

when there is not enough Insulin (Betschart 0). When Ketones occur and

are not taken care of that is when one can lose weight (Betschart 0) and

Kidney complications can also occur.

Going hand and hand with checking your bloodsugar to control your

Diabetes is a proper diet and exercise. In fact the most important element

and step to control is a proper diet and nutrition (Day By Day With Diabetes

Hatton 4

1). However, strict diets should never be attempted except under a

doctors supervision (Day By Day With Diabetes 1). The American Diabetes

Association recommends that 50% to 60% of daily calories come from

carbohydrates, 1% to 0% from protein, and no more than 0% from fat

(Day By Day With Diabetes 1). Most glucose is provided by high

carbohydrate foods (Little 14). Exercise is vital for good health and for

putting Diabetes on a short leash. An active body burns sugar faster,

exercise also makes the body more sensitive to Insulin, which helps reduce

the amount of sugar in the blood (Day By Day With Diabetes 16).

Participating in sports and physical activities help keep you in shape and help

keep bloodsugars in control. In physically demanding sports that may be

hazardous and an individual activity it is always a good idea to have another

person present to reduce the risk of serious injury or even death.

Bloodsugars can drop in a matter of minutes, and it can take a Diabetic by

surprise. Activities such as swimming can be hazardous, in a case that a

Diabetics bloodsugar goes to low to function and can not make it out of the

pool. Also running long distance alone can be a bad idea. When in physical

demanding activities Diabetics should always think ahead of time. Diabetics

should have snacks, fast sugar foods, blood sugar kit, and insulin with them

at all times. Diabetics also should have a snack before an activity to insure a

better chance of not going into hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

In time Diabetic related problems can occur and affect your blood

flow, nerves, eyes, kidneys, even your teeth and gums (Day By Day With

Diabetes 4). The American Diabetes Association reports that Diabetics

spend more than 4 million days in hospitals each year in the United States

Hatton 5

(Little 15). Diabetes is the direct cause of over 40,000 deaths a year and an

indirect cause of over 00,000 deaths a year (Little 15). Diabetics have

Kidney problems 17 times more, and have amputations 40 times more (Little

15). Diabetes is the reason for most blind adults (Little 15). Many as 6,000

people lose their vision each year (Little 15). Although there are many

diseases and complications associated with Diabetes, Heart Disease is the

most common serious disease associated with Diabetes (Day By Day With

Diabetes 7). Diabetics are at least twice as likely to develop Heart Disease

than others (Little 15). Diabetes related problems do not have to develop;

studies have shown that many of the complications once accepted as

inevitable can be delayed or prevented in many cases..... but only if the

Diabetic has control of their Diabetes (Day By Day With Diabetes 4). Dr.

Charles H. Best, one of the researchers who first discovered Insulin

Diabetics who take care of themselves have an excellent chance for a

completely normal life, (Little 16). Complications and diseases are a serious

threat but if the Diabetes is controlled the threat is greatly reduced.

Diabetes is getting easier to control these days thanks to the

dedicated scientists and the donated money to the cause. However,

Diabetes is still a threat to society. As long as a Diabetic checks their

bloodsugar, understands their situation and type, follows a strict diet and

exercise program, and understand the risks of complications and diseases

they will live a long and healthy life. Diabetes should not hold anybody back

from anything. However, the disease will destroy you if you do not have

control. Diabetes will crush your dreams and chances for life if taken

Hatton 6

lightly. Diabetes is a dangerous disease if a Diabetic does not have control

over the disease.

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