Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Philosphy of Teaching

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My Philosophy of Teaching

My definition of an ideal “teacher” would be one who respects the student’s thoughts, beliefs, and values. An ideal “teacher” uses activities, experiences, and assessments that spark the interest of the students. An ideal “teacher” should have a passion for teaching.

The branch of philosophy I prefer is Epistemology. Epistemology examines questions about how and what we know. As a teacher, I would examine how the students learn, in order to know how I would need to teach them.

I would apply the analytical way of thinking to my teaching by finding out what the problem is and analyzing it. The analytical way of thinking allows the students to use abstraction, imagination, generalization, and logic. This would focus on a certain experience and it’s characteristics, add detail to the experience, set limits for the experience, and allow us to move from one argument to the next.

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The two philosophers that I like are Socrates and Plato. They deal with the meaning and purpose of humankind, society, and education. They see the need for teachers to ask students questions in a way as to help them remember what they have forgotten.

As a teacher, I see myself as an idealist. I would like to be a role model for the students. Idealists emphasize the methods of lecture, discussion, and limitations.

When I become a teacher, my way of teaching will be from an authoritarian point of view. This type of teacher focuses on subject matter of the mind, the same education for all, and teaching by lecture and discussion.

I found three theories that best describe the way I want to teach. The behaviorist theory suggests that education can contribute to the shaping of an individual, because the teacher controls the stimuli in the classroom and thereby influences the student’s behavior. The second theory is the positivist theory. This theory focuses on learning on facts based on careful observation and measurement of the world. The constructivist theory is the third theory in which the teacher proposes situations and allows the students to think. The constructivist theory emphasizes hands-on, activity-based teaching and learning.

I will show classroom management skills by making out sound lesson plans everyday. I will also be organized in my method, content, and values. I will use many different techniques for my reinforcement and assessment in order to keep the children interested. I will sit the student’s desk in groups instead of straight lines.

I will make a clear set of rules for the students to follow, by using critical thinking skills when doing so. I will also be sure to examine how my actions might trigger misbehavior. As teachers, we must treat the students with respect in order to get respect back from them.

When someone walks in my classroom, I want him or her to see the passion that I feel for my job. I will allow the students to participate in activities that matter. I will also encourage the student’s views and respect their views.

My hope is to be a teacher that makes a difference in the lives of the students I teach. I want to be a role model for the students. As a teacher, my main purpose is to make sure the students get the best education possible!

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