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providing teenagers with contraceptives

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Trudy Healey

Giving Contraceptive Devices to Teenagers

Many people believe that teenagers are not old enough to engage in sexual activity.

However if they decide to have sex with someone; they should have different kinds of

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contraceptives available to their use, for their protection. Contraceptives are devices made

to help control family planning. Most teenagers are not yet ready to have a family of their

own. In order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, they should use some kind of

contraceptive, or remain celibate. Aside from running the risk of an unwanted pregnancy,

teenagers are also running the risk of getting some kind of sexually transmitted disease, if

they have unprotected sex. Condoms for instance can prevent both a sexually transmitted

disease and a pregnancy. So weather or not teenagers choose to have sex, they should have

contraceptives available to them either way.

There are parents who choose to be very opened with their maturing children about

sex. They talk to them about it. Opening the lines of communication with teenagers is very

important. If parents were to speak to their teenagers about sex, this would put some of

their curiosity to a halt, and take away the “taboo” label from sex. If parents know about

their teenagers’ sex lives and provide them with contraceptives, then there is much less of a

risk of an unwanted pregnancy occurring. Most of the teenage pregnancies that happen,

happen because there is almost no communication with the parents about sex. Let us ponder

for a moment why it is that teenagers are so eager to have sex now-a-days. There are so

many reasons that I can think of, right off the top of my head curiosity (because sex is

advertised everywhere), peer pressure (everyone else is doing it), and in some cases the

adolescent truly feels ready to engage in sexual relations with someone else. However the

parents who communicate to the adolescents exactly what sex is, and prepare them with

contraceptives, regardless of weather or not they are actually having sex run less of a risk of

receiving the news of becoming a grandparent. If teenagers do decide to go through with it,

and have sex, they will be much more safe if they do it with the protection of some kind of

a contraceptive device, than they would be if they did it completely unprotected. So if a

parent shows trust and support to their teenager no matter what they decide to do(because

the decision is ultimately theirs). They can do this by providing them with condoms or pills

and teaching the teenagers how to use them. If parents do all this, their teenagers will be

running much less of a risk of becoming pregnant or getting an STD.

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