Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I want to do.

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The Criminal Justice field is what I am going to discuss in this short essay. About the age of ten or eleven I started to race dirt bikes professionally. I went through with it thinking I would do this forever. In 18 I suffered a severe neck and back accident. This put a big strain on my family and myself. I honestly thought I was done forever. After months of rehab I was back in the game. But it got old after a long time in the saddle. Not to mention this sport is very expensive. So I subsequently decided to change my direction.

About the age of twenty-two is when I thought of something different. I had sometimes thought of

going in the criminal field. I wondered what it would be like as a Crime Scene Investigator as well as a Skip Tracer . The two fields are totally different in their own right. Being a Crime Scene Investigator seems like it would be a very rounded career. Skip Tracing on the other hand tends to be a little unpredictable and fast paced. Though I like them both the same. Yes this would be a far cry from what I was doing before.

At this point it is very hard for me to make my decision. Skip Tracers are the guys that are responsible for people that are in debt. Here are some of the different things that a Skip Tracer can do. A Skip tracer can go after people who skip out on various loans, property tax, business tax, and car notes Lets say your are out on a bond, they can come and get you and bring you back. These guys can come look for you weather its a misdemeanor or a felony. Those are the things that make this position interesting.

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Here I will discuss the pros and the cons of this job. I could be out looking for a car and the owner could start shooting at me. I could be spying on someone and they spot me. Parish the thoughts of something like that happening to me. Somebody could shoot at me over a simple misdemeanor bond. If someone was a felon no telling what they might do. Now I will discuss the pros of the job. Making sure people cant get away with criminal and finical debt. Personally that in it self is enough satisfaction for me. Know you now how I feel about this position.

Of the two fields of interest I have this isnt as much of a cat and mouse game. As a Crime Scene Investigator there are a lot of different jobs to be done. These are the guys that are responsible for investigating a crime scene. At that point there are a lot of things to consider in doing so. Youre the guy that is in charge of figuring out what and how it happened. First of all, figure out the person or persons time of death. Secondly you can start to establish that persons background (habits, and priors).

Thirdly now you can start the investigative process. And lastly you can make all you assumptions from here. Though I have not gone in to grave detail about this position it still interests me the same.

As a well-rounded guy I will discuss the pros and cons of this position as well. There are a lot of things to be considered here. This as well can be not only a due-process job but also a dangerous one to.

Not to mention being able to or not being able to leave work at work. I would think that if you brought some stuff home you self-destruct. Maybe thats just me giving myself a worst case scenario. Think about it I could be poking and prodding around in peoples personal lives. Tough the thoughts of being able too give someone closure in a murder case seems pretty neat. Even knowing that I had some part of that weather small or large is fine with me. Hopefully by now you can see the differences between the two jobs Im considering.

It has taken a lot for me to get to this point. Tough I am still uncertain of what I want to do. Still both fields of work appeal to me in their own way. Yes Id like to be a Skip Tracer could for the thrill of the hunt. But being a Crime Scene Investigator seems very challenging. As I go further in school I think I will have found my calling. Whenever and whatever path I choose it will be without prejudice. Like I said before it has taken me along time to get this point. What do you think I should do?

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