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Anglo-Saxon Values Present In Beowulf

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All people have values and morals they try to live up to in their lives. During the Anglo-

Saxon period, people had to live up to certain values of strength, generosity, courage, bravery,

and chivalry. The values are enduringly present in the epic poem, “Beowulf”, which is set during

the Anglo-Saxon period. “Beowulf” is a prime example of an epic poem displaying Anglo-Saxon

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“Beowulf” is considered an epic for many reasons. An epic poem is an extended narrative

poem pertaining to the real or fictious events of a heroic character. The hero in an epic poem

portrays the values of his setting. An epic poem has a battle between good and evil. Epic poems

were originally memorized and passed down through many generations by oral tradition until

they were written. “Beowulf” is an example of an epic poem because it is a story about

strength, valor, and superhuman strength. In “Beowulf”, there is a battle between good and evil

being fought between the monster, Grendel and Beowulf, the main character. Beowulf is the hero

in the epic because he overcomes evil. “Beowulf” is an epic poem because it is a long narrative

about a hero named Beowulf who portrays Anglo-Saxon values during the Anglo-Saxon period

in a battle between good and evil.

In Anglo-Saxon society, values are an important part of everyday life. People living during

this period (446-1060 A.D), admired the courageous and the brave. They were also loyal to their

leaders. The people of Anglo-Saxon society believed that all were supposed to be generous,

including their king. They respected both life and death. The people believed that fate was the

cause of everything that happened - including death. They also believed living out one’s values

meant greater rewards. Therefore, those who live out their values are greatly respected. Anglo-

Saxon values are a very important part of the Anglo-Saxon life.

Anglo-Saxon values play a large role in the epic “Beowulf”. Both the main character and

the other characters display the values. The main character, Beowulf portrays many on the

Anglo-Saxon values. He is courageous and brave for fighting Grendel. When Beowulf says, “Let

me live in greatness and courage or here in this hall welcome my death!,” ,he is

displaying the Anglo-Saxon values of courage and bravery (55-57). Beowulf is also courteous,

kind, and loyal to King Hrothgar and the Danes for killing Grendel. The Geats portray the

Anglo-Saxon values during and after Beowulf’s funeral. The Geats display loyalty towards

Beowulf because they build a tower for him just as he asked. The people show pride in Beowulf

because they, “rode their horses around the tower, telling their sorrow, telling stories of their

dead king and his greatness, his glory,”(561-6). Most characters in “Beowulf” display Anglo-

Saxon values.

“Beowulf” is a prime example of an epic poem of a hero that portrays Anglo-Saxon values.

“Beowulf” is an epic poem set in the Anglo-Saxon period. During this period, values such as

bravery, loyalty, courage, strength, and chivalry are always present. Therefore, these values are

present in the English epic, “Beowulf”. Anglo-Saxon values, like all people’s values, were a very

important of everyday life.

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