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Longfellow was known for writing deep meaning poems about life. A theme present in many of his poems is about how to live wisely and well. In both “The Village Blacksmith” and “A Psalm for Life”, it is made clear to the reader that the best way to live life is to make something of yourself and earn an honest living.

In the “Village Blacksmith”, it is evident the best way to live life is to work hard and earn an honest living. This can be seen in the first two stanzas. Longfellow begins by describing the strength of the blacksmith. He uses a simile in stanza one and compares the man’s arms to iron bands. This allows the reader to get a better picture of the man whom Longfellow is describing. In the second stanza, personification is used when the blacksmith is described as having honest sweat. The blacksmith’s sweat is given human characteristics in being honest. This further exemplifies the truthfulness in the statement that the best way to live life is to earn an honest living. Towards the end of the poem, Longfellow describes the blacksmiths changes in mood. He uses juxtaposition when he puts words of different emotions together such as toiling, rejoicing, and sorrowing. This leads to his description of the blacksmith’s daily life in which each day he begins and finishes a task. It implies that the blacksmith made the most out of himself by learning the ways of his trade and by becoming a hardworking man. This backs the statement that the best way to live life is to earn an honest living and make the most out of yourself.

“A Psalm of Life” also supports the common theme of the two Longfellow poems. This is evident in the first stanza when it is quoted “the soul is dead that slumbers”. In this it is implied that if you do nothing with your life, your spirit is dead. In “A Psalm for Life”, people’s hearts are compared in a simile to muffled drums. In another simile people are compared to cattle. The purpose of the similes in these stanzas is to explain to the reader the view of the common man. It states that most people feel they have little purpose in life but to look forward to the afterlife.

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