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Life or so it would seem The epiphany

I have no job I’m sick of preppy girls

I need to work myself into shape I’m sick of pretty boys

I’ve lost all self motivation Conformity is a mass of annihilation

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And it’s driving me into the sanitarium The corporate media wreaks of segregation

Everyone tells me I’m capable of so much more Good people are few and far between

I already know this, I’ve known for so long People like me are rarely seen

It’s a constant reminder of right and wrong Individuality has become a lost cause

School is a downfall and I’ve grown so tired It’s almost as untrue as the myth of Mr.Clause

So tired that I’m in a constant euphoria Things like this need to change

I wish life could stop, yet I know it can’t The time for it to do so is long overdue

You know what they say If you care to take a look around

Life is always constantly moving You’ll see the time to change is lost and can’t be found

And if you stop to watch it will pass you right by I dread to wake just to see it again

The one thing that calms me down I dread going to school to see the “creme de la crème”

I have not been playing or listening Television is a waste, it’s no longer amusing

And it makes me so angry that I always neglect it The same old ads making you buy something confusing

I feel that’s the one thing that God gave me Our worldly possessions should mean nothing to us

But I’m wasting it away But in some odd way they seem to mean all

The man is probably spinning in his grave This is very pathetic and it will cause this world to fall

Or so to speak Conformity and Corporations

I’ll continue to repeat this cycle Like I said, a mass of annihilation

Until the end of my days It’s a plague a sickness of media compilation

Life is a vicious circle I do hope this does end soon

One we cannot win Hopefully by the powers that be

A constant reminder of itself, always So I trust anyway, we’ll have to wait and see

Like in Clockwork

We’ve got our Durango 5 Sick Boy

All packed up were going for a ride Sick boy, in his faded blue jeans

Moloko plus running through our veins Sick boy, black leather jacket scene

Boots tied tight were gonna go insane Sick Boy, he’s always in trouble

White shirts, White pants With the law, don’t ya know…

White suspenders and big jock straps Sick boy, he carries a switchblade knife

Big black boots, derby caps Sick boy, likes to get into fights

Fake eyelashes and violent hands Sick boy, he’ll go drinkin’

Come on all you droogs it’s time to have some fun With the boys all night long

I n-out love is the way to go Sick boy, he rides a big motor-bike

With a young devotchka you know, I know Sick boy, he combs his hair up just right

Ultra violence, Moloko plus Sick boy, with tattoo’s up and

In-out love like in Clockwork Down his arms, don’t ya know…

My droogies have now turned on me Sick boy he’s got a girl wrapped around his arm

They’ve smashed my glazzies as you can see Sick boy with his street like charm

I’m caught now by the buzzards, regretfully Sick boy, he’ll make love to her

I’ll rot in my cell, twas my destiny All night long, don’t ya know…

They’ll try a new method Sick boy, in his big black boots

One they shant have used before Sick boy, knows nothing about his roots

They’ve taken my music and that makes me sore Sick boy, always had trouble growin’ up

But it cured me alright, it cured me too well Don’t ya know…

I’m now trapped in what is not a cell Sick boy, don’t give a damn what his parents say

But it was the world around me, a living hell Sick boy, when he goes out to play

My droogs now commiting police brutality Sick boy, he’ll get thrown back in jail,

Like in Clockwork All his life, don’t ya know

Sick boy

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