Monday, February 20, 2012

Dharma Bums

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Eamonn Duncliffe

Composition 101, Section ED

During the summer I had been working with a friend of my father as a carpenter. It was a really nice job, I made decent money and we were always outside, we didn’t have to bounce around from site to site either because we were only working on my boss’s house. At first it was intimidating because my boss and the first carpenter were both over forty, and the only other teenager, was obnoxious enough that we’d consider putting him out of his misery seven or eight times a day.

My boss’s house was nice, it was a massive Cape Cod in the middle of New Hampshire. I guess he had purchased a lot of land with the house because his backyard was big enough that parts of it didn’t need to be run over by a lawn mower, simply because there was no reason to walk far enough to get there. Before I started working they had added on an addition. They put in a garage on the ground level and on the second level they put in a kitchen/living room sort of thing. The ceilings were about fifteen feet tall and littered with skylights. You could watch storms move from one end of the state to the other if you lied on your back.

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On one particular day that fat annoying kid, who’s actually named John, and I had to install a shower unit in the bathroom behind the kitchen. Now the thing is, once the job was finished, everything was fine. But while we were working, there wasn’t enough room to bring something as large as this shower unit up the stairs. John could barley make his way up the stairs. Bringing the shower unit, and free willy, was going to be a challenge.

We started by disassambling the thing and trying to squeeze it through the stairs. At first it was going well, I took the front end and John took the back. But like I said earlier John complains a lot, he didn’t want to carry the back end so we went down the stairs and switched places. Once this started up he decided that he couldn’t carry and steer the unit up the stairs at the same time. I think I should clarify something at this point, as much as I wanted to tell John how to put an end to his life he was the boss’s son, I had to keep my thoughts to myself. John decides that we’d be better off bringing the unit through the

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