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English 10th Period

September 18, 00

Life in the Late Victorian Age

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Life in the late Victorian Age was in various ways different from the life we live now. For example, during the Victorian Age, life was structured based on upper, middle, and lower class. The average family were usually large, which had five or six children. Most upper and middle class families lived in big, comfortable houses. Each member of the family had its own place and children were taught to know their place For poorer families their greatest fear was ending up in the workhouse, where thousands of homeless and penniless families were forced to live. If your family was taken into the workhouse you would be split up, dressed in uniform and have your hair cut short. This would happen to a family if the father were taken ill and unable to work.

Lots of children in poor families died of diseases like scarlet fever, measles, polio and TB which are curable today. These were spread by foul drinking water, open drains and lack of proper toilets. In overcrowded rooms if one person caught a disease it spread quickly through the rest.

Many children in early Victorian England never went to school at all and more than half of them grew up unable even to read or write. Although some did go to Sunday schools which were run by churches. Children from rich families were luckier than poor children. Nannies looked after them, and they had toys and books. A governess would teach the children at home. Then, when the boys were old enough, they were sent away to a public schools. The daughters were kept at home and taught singing, piano playing and sewing. Eventually, things changed for poorer children too.

According to the upper class, they never lost their rank even though they would go in need of money. A first son in the upper class would inherit everything in their family’s possession. Second and subsequent sons would go to the army. On the other hand, unmarried women became maiden aunts.

An England tradition that is still popular now in England is the Four O’clock Tea Time. It doesn’t matter where you are in England, people will stop what their doing and have tea with relatives or friends. The four o’clock tea time is formal way of lunch in England.


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