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Amir Raed

AP Government

CIA Takes Blame For WMD Flap

After months and months of searching for reasonable evidence to prove Iraq was involved in the development of a weapon of mass destruction, the United States finally believed they had the key to solving the puzzle. This key was an initial report by British tabloids that stated Iraq was looking to purchase uranium from the African country of Niger in order to complete their WMD. Uranium, of course, is extremely difficult to attain and is an essential ingredient in making a nuclear warhead. However, this report was false and prompted CIA director George Tenet to admit his lack of attention in reviewing a State of the Union address by President Bush allowed this false information to become public. Congress and the White House publicly called on Tenet to admit his guilt, although it is almost certain he will not resign from his position as CIA director.

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I really do not have an opinion on this article. Although it was George Tenet’s fault for not sufficiently reviewing the State of the Union draft, he should not have been singled out and forced to admit to causing the problem. After all, it was not him who originally published the reports that Iraq was looking to purchase uranium from Niger, it was the British tabloids. I personally believe President Bush, his staff, and the Conservative Congress wanted Tenet to admit guilt in order to push him to a resignation. His resignation would give the Republicans an opportunity to place a conservative in his seat. Luckily for Tenet, a Democrat, he was not forced to resign.

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