Friday, February 10, 2012

That Salty Scent

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I once read a lovely quote by Lao-Tzu that said, When you are content to be simply yourself and dont compare or compete, everybody will respect you. Every generation’s youth yearns to somehow attain this inexplicable quality of contentment. They search in local department stores, gyms or through others. I also journeyed down these paths, but to no avail. I consistently found myself with empty pockets and a forsaken heart. Completely down trodden, I began visiting a local beach called Table Rock quite frequently. Through the beauty and surreal tranquility of this natural cove I found understanding, appreciation and my future goal.

I often reminisce about my first glimpse of this magical beach. It was a sticky overcast day; one that left a salty dew upon your skin. Most people flocked to the comforts of the air conditioned confinement, but I longed for such discomforts. Although my decision appears quite visceral, I feel that through greater anguish comes superior growth and understanding about life. I positioned myself on the beach and cracked open novel after novel on that sweaty day. Desperately, I paged through the books demanding that the authors reveal any arbitrary secret to happiness. These pathetic attempts did little to relieve my pain. In complete exhaustion, I laid my head back and began to dwell at the exquisite features of nature that surrounded me. While lying there in total silence I learned a vast amount of knowledge about myself. I befriended many demons that festered deep within my soul. The mystical swell of this beach cajoled my cold heart to open to world and I will be forever thankful.

Among us thousands claim to understand the works of eccentric artists, but few can honestly declare that they also appreciate their efforts. Here lies the loop hole in understanding your own soul. I began to ponder how understanding could be transfigured into appreciation. Again, I watched the natural habitation surrounding me. Nature commands understanding and appreciation from people, but how does it accomplish such a feat. After several hours of contemplation, I concluded that we appreciate natural beauty because everything in nature contains some type of uniqueness. These qualities differentiate every specimen and allow for each to be appreciated for their simple uniquity. Watching the fragile ecosystem on this beach allowed me to appreciate all living things as an object of God. Life confuses and petrifies us all; therefore, I take cues from the ocean and open my heart to the world.

The whole word never seems to be content. I observe everything around us constantly changing and racing toward the future. Even nature slowly melds into different formations and I wonder whether this maddening cycle will ever stop. My special beach taught me so much about understanding and appreciating life and people, but inner contentment comes from within. Reluctantly, I packed my belongings and bid a bittersweet farewell to the sands and water. My future remained uncertain, but I formulated a specific goal. I have forever yearned for love and respect from others, but without inner contentment these two entities cannot coexist. My beach provided a shoulder to rest upon for a moment, but I had to venture out alone. My understanding and appreciation will always belong to my beach, but when I discover inner contentment I will greedily hoard it to myself. I can still smell the salty scent upon my skin and I will hold this memory deep within my soul for decades to come.

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My picturesque beach continues to transform under the swell of the waves. It truly represents salvation in my life because of the invaluable lessons bestowed upon me. Logically I know everybody wrestles with comparable issue to mine, but often I feel isolated in my struggles. My beach provides a universal message that can comfort even future generations. Instead of looking to materialism to fill that void, we must seek out nature. The wilderness is always listening and often has the best advice to lend.

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