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anne frank

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Tales From the Secret Annex, is written by Anne Frank, but translated by Mok, Michel and Manheim, Ralph. Bantam Books copyrighted it in 15 in New York, New York. There are no illustrations in this novel. It is a diary that Anne Frank kept as she was growing up through World War II. There are 150 pages in the translated version of her journal.

The main character in this diary is Anne Frank. She is about 1 when she first started writing her diary. She was around 15 when she was taken from an attic above an office in Amsterdam. Anne, her family and friends are hiding because of World War II. The Nazis want to wipe out the entire Jewish religion, which Anne’s family is. Anne writes in her diary everyday and records her feelings and fears about being captured and sent away to a concentration camp. Anne is in hiding and is living with her mother, Mrs. Frank, her father, Otto Frank, her sister, Margo, and the Van Daan family. Margo is three years older than Anne and is more talented than Anne. She is also worried about being imprisoned by the Germans. Anne and her father are very close to each other and love each other very much. On the other hand, Anne and her mother aren’t very close.

Anne started writing her diary in the early 140’s during WWII. The Frank’s and the Van Daan’s are hiding in a small attic consisting of only three rooms and one window. The attic is located in Amsterdam, Holland above an office building. Anne nicknames the hide out as “secret annex.” The two families live in the closed quarters for two years because they are trying to hide from the Nazis. In the 140’s, Hitler was trying to wipeout all of the Jewish people. If Hitler or the Nazis capture Jews, they send them to concentration camps, imprisoned, tortured and killed them. This treatment was cruel and unfair. Hitler thought that the German race was dominant and that everybody other than his race should be killed. This horrible action, also know as the Holocaust, lasted for a few years. This results in the two families going into hiding so they are not arrested. In the attic is where most of Anne’s diary is written.

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Anne’s main problem in this diary is World War II. Anne and her family had to go into hiding to escape the Nazis have invaded Holland. They began imprisoning and killing Jews. Anne fears of getting caught while hiding in the “secret annex” Anne’s second conflict is living in the cramped quarters for over two years with little or no food and necessities. While in hiding life can be extremely boring. To keep herself busy, Anne reads, studies, listen to the radio and does chores. A third problem that Anne faces is the fear of getting caught. She often wonders what would happen if her family gets caught hiding form the Nazis. The punishment would probably be to be put in a concentration camp to be tortured, starved and possibly killed. To take her mind off of her fear Anne often writes in her diary, which is nicknamed Kitty, and talks about a typical teenage life. She wants more freedom and privacy, but living in closed quarters, these demands cannot be fulfilled. In August of 144, Anne’s family and the Van Daan’s are captured above the office building in Amsterdam. Anne is sent to Gestapo and to the concentration camps. She later dies of typhus in the camp of Belsen in 145. Out of the two families, Otto Frank, Anne’s father, is the only survivor.

Anne’s diary is very interesting. It tells how life was like when she was growing up and how it feels to hide from Nazis and experience a war and tragedy surrounding her. The vocabulary in this book is perfect for me. It is not too easy but not so hard that I cant understand what is being said. Anne tells what she is experiencing in great detail and makes it seem like you are there witnessing the situation yourself. This topic is very interesting to high schoolers because the diary tells what Anne observed as she was growing up. It was much different for her growing up in Holland about 70 years ago, than now days in America. At the end of the story Anne is captured and sent to a concentration camp in Belsen where she dies. This sis typical because most of the Jews that enter these camps never survive the torture and starvation. This type of book would be appealing to young adults interested in history and how teens in other parts of the world.

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