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church history research assignment

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Indulgences- The word indulgence originally meant kindness or favor it was used to express release from captivity or punishment.

Diet of worms- meeting of the Diet of the Holy Roman Empire at Worms in Germany in 151. Martin Luthar appeared to defend his opinions. The pope rejected Luther’s 41 propositions for a reform of the Roman Catholic Church in June 150.

Calvinism- French church reformer John Calvin who was involved in the most influential work in the development of the protestant church of the reformed tradition.

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Monasticism- people who have abandoned the world for religious reasons and devote their lives to spiritual perfection. Normally take a vow of celibacy and poverty.

Ecumenical Council- a gathering of popes and bishops who were highly honored. The first council was the Council Of Nicaea who created the Nicaea creed.

Infallibility- a doctrine that in matters of faith and morals, the church in teaching and in believing it shows universal agreement in matters of faith and morals.

5 Theses- On 1 October, 1517, the vigil of All Saints, Luther affixed to the castle church door, which served as the black-board of the university, on which all notices of disputations and high academic functions were displayed, his Ninety-five Theses. The act was not an open declaration of war, but simply an academic challenge to a disputation.

Enlightenment- a movement of ideas in the seventeenth and eighteenth century Europe that changed the thinking of the people about the church.

Heresies- a religious doctrine opposed to the dogma of a particular church. A doctrine held by a person professing faith in the teachings of that church

Jesuits- religious order in the Roman Catholic Church and its object is to spread the church by preaching and teaching or the fulfillment of what is judged to be important at the time such as education.

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