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infrastructure in an it orginisation

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Current Statistics

As stated by ABC resources Australia the business is growing at a significant rate within the internal business and external. The expected sales for the 1st and nd quarter of operations should reach 10,000 sales per month, which will be approximately 408 sales per day, which will rise up about 0,000 sales per month by the end of the first year, and reaching up to 50,000 sales per month in the next years which will increase the sales per day made to 041 approximately. The company is expected to double in their employees within the next years as well.

Calculation 7 days in a week .5 months for some months have 4 weeks = 4.5 days on average

50,000 sales per month / 4.5 = 041(rounded to the nearest whole number) sales per day expected.

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When broken up into sales per day you can see the significant increase in sales per day that the new infrastructure will have to accommodate. The existing infrastructure Design will not be able to cope with an increase of business at this rate.

Expected load

The company needs capacity to accommodate for 6 sub-networks. The network requirements are as follows

Ø 150 networked workstations

Ø servers (domain controller and backup server)

Ø 1 router

Ø 8 4 port switch

Ø 1 backbone switch

Ø DBMS system

Ø Internet connection

The 4 port switch was chosen for future network expansions if needed. The backbone switch will control all 8 switches, allowing a fast path to the domain controller.

The data that will flow in the network will be at a high rate for the reason that the company is a generally web based company. And the data that will be sent through the network will be basically graphical images and multimedia contents. For this particular reason the Internet connection line will be set to ISDN. ISDN connection is designed to handle images and multimedia data through a network system. It is a secure and fast connection for data transfer from one point to another. For future capability ISDN can be used for video conferencing.

Backup schedule

There will be a backup server implemented as one of the main servers. The server will have enough hard disk space to backup a weeks worth of data, as well as a tape drive with enough space for one days worth of data. As ABC details with approximately 1000 to 040 invoices per day and one invoice approximately take 150 Kb of data, it will need a 50-500 Mb worth of storage space. This means that the tape drive will have to be a minimum of 1Gb of storage, preferably 5Gb for future expansion.

The domain server will have a minimum hard disk space of 10Gb, but 80Gb for future expansion.

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