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out out and bells for john whiteside's daughter

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These two poems, Bells for John Whitesides Daughter and Out, Out�, express the inevitable and untimly

mood of death and how in the midst of all that is happening there can always be that terrible ending. These

poems reveal a glimps of how life revolves around what is and what we think is going to be. the monotnous

cycle of life and everypersons reality falls back on one similarity, death.

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To compare these poems and the style written for each and how each style has its uniqueness yet both share

many things in common you need to look at the litteral meaning as well as the emotional expressions. Much

alliteration was used throughout both poems in order to stress the imagery and tone of the poems. An example

in Out, Out� was noted in the first line of the first stanza and throughout the rest of the poem. Line one stated

The buzz saw snarled and rattled in the yard and further down in the third line said sweet-scented stuff when

the breeze drew across it. which, like i said before, is stressing the repeditiveness of the saw and the work

enviroment then showing how the enviroment had a livliness to it and also noting sensory language used to

involve the reader by mixing words that appeal to our senses. In Bells for John Whitesides Daughter there is

alliteration in the first line saying There was such speed in her little body, and in line 10 the poem says

Dripping their snow on the green grass,. the first line reveals a mood of this girl who is always active and doing

something in life to keep herself busy. Line 10 is just a stress on how alive the world around her is.

Moving more into the litteral meaning of the poems, there are these two kids who are readily active in life and

each has something to look forward to. One is a boy working hard for what ever reson he has to and the other

is but a girl that seems to be protected and sheltered from the outside horrors of the world. The boy loses his

hand to the saw that seems to have a personality about it as written in lines 15 and 16 As if to prove saws

knew what supper meant, Leaped out at the boys hand, or seemed to leap�. The girl is stuck in her playworld

of shadows and orchard trees. Her life was full of activity and then without warning dies as written in stanza 4.

The boy continues on to worry about what is going to happen in his life and how this is going to affect him. He

doesnt stop to think about death. It is understood when he says He saw all spoiled. Dont let him cut my

hand off� that he was more concerned about his future.

Both poems share the tragic ending but giving an image of life continuing on. What has happened can not be

changed and people will return to thier lives.

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