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richard II

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King Richard II, The King of England when the play begins, is discourteous, unmerciful and weak, “Down, down I come, like glist’ring Phaeton.” Richard believes at the start of the play that he is untouchable, however, he is morally blind. Although Shakespeare does present Richard to us in parts indicating he is an effective king. At the very beginning of the play, Richard is initially in control of his barons, he feels in control, he knows he is the king, he knows what he is doing and where he is going, “Then call them to our presence High-stomached are they both and full or ire, In rage, deaf as the sea, hasty as fire.”

However, Richard II shows many signs of not being an effective king. At the beginning he could not get Mowbray and Henry to conform to his will, which indicates a lack of trust. In scene three when Richard banishes Mowbray for life and Bolingbroke for ten years, but then reduces it to six years, this punishment is seen as unfair, “The hopeless word of ‘never to return’ Breathe I against thee, upon pain of like.” Another sign that Richard is not an effective king is when York tries to give him advice and informs Richard that he believes Richard is doing it all wrong, “O my liege, Pardon me, if you please, if not, I , pleased Not to be pardoned, am content with al.”

However, Richard does not take his advice nor listen to him. Richard will not listen to people who have experience but he does to his silly little mates, Bushy, Bagot and Green, he pushes the experienced advice aside. When Richard returns from Ireland, he soon realises and comes to term with the fact that he is on his own. Richard learns of the murders of Bushy and Green, although instead of getting up and moving on like an effective leader, Richard indulges himself in self-pity, far from the character of a warrior king, “For God’s sake let us sit upon the ground And tell sad stories of the death of kings-.” Also, when Bolingbroke is king and puts Richard into the tower, Richard immediately throws in the towl and does not stand up to fight, he just straight away gives in and gives up hope.

Richard also goes to Ireland and he sorted out the rebellion without war.

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One of the most important things for a good and effective king to have for his country, is love. King Richard can see through everything, he unconditionally loves his country. This is an important relationship to have between king and country, “needs must I like it well. I weep for joy To stand upon my kingdom once again. Dear earth, I do salute thee with my hand.” At the very end of the play, when Richard gives up his throne to Henry Bolingbroke, Richard comes to realise his problems in himself, he opens his eyes to see other peoples views, Richard acknowledges what he should have done all along as king, when he had the power. Although it is too late to change his doings and the change on the throne, it is good that he comes to realise his problems, it is effective as a leader to acknowledge your own wrong doings, “There shouldst thou find one heinous article Containing the deposing of a king And cracking the strong warrant of an oath.”

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