Friday, March 16, 2012

Scene in two account

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There was one time that I have gone to Long beach in Santa Ana with my family. That was one of the wonderful beaches that I’d ever seen. I went there at 00 in the morning; it was getting crowded real fast. I couldn’t even find a spot for my car in 0 minutes. After I parked my car, I had a great time for swimming and doing a lot of fun thing. The scene of the beach was in front of my eyes. From here, I could see a lot of seagulls flying around a nice blue sky. Fresh air makes everyone feel more comfortable and exciting for a new day. On the top of the hills, many houses were built with different styles, and all of those look pretty awesome to me. Besides, huge coconut trees were planted along the beach makes it more attracted and beautiful, and it can cool down the hot temperature of the usual shiny day. I won’t ever forget that great time that I’d ever had in my life. I wish that I could leave there for the rest of my life because I love beach so much.


I am a person whose loves beach so much. And I had a chance to go to Long beach in August. I went to beach at 00 in the morning. It was a bad day, because there was a big storm. That’s why nobody goes there for swimming. All the seagulls tried to fly back to their nests while the wind was so strong. And my imagination was awesome at that moment, I felt like all the coconuts trees were jumping in the air and begging the wind to calm down. The whole beautiful scene was disappeared in that day. And the beach was surrounded by a dark sky for couple hours. All I could do in that horrible time was staying in the van with my family and looked at that scene for half an hour. But anyway, I still love that beach because the storm won’t come everyday and it will be a beautiful scene like I know.

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