Thursday, March 15, 2012

What makes a good manager?

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What makes a good manager?

There is some general understanding that good managers are likely to have some, or all, of the following qualities

• Intelligence - to be able to understand difficult ideas and deal with different issues.

• Initiative - to be able to suggest solutions to problems and take control of situations.

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• Self-confidence � to be willing and able to lead others and to set an example.

• Assertiveness and determination � to be able to take command of others and to push through ideas and policies to their conclusion.

• Communication skills � to be able to put ideas and messages across to subordinates in a clear way which encourages them to respond positively.

• Energy and enthusiasm � to set high standards of effort and involvement so that others are encouraged to act in similar ways.

Styles of leadership

As the way in which a manager deals with a situation can have such an important impact on people and how they react to the manager.

Management involves taking risks

Planning, organizing, controlling, commanding and co-ordinating will all require decisions to be made.

Are all decisions as important as each other?

It is common to divide decisions into types.

• Strategic decisions � are very important decisions which can affect the overall success of the business.

• Tactical decisions � are those which are taken more frequently and which are less important. They will not determine the future of the business.

• Operational decisions � are day-to-day decisions which will be taken by lower level managers.

Taking decisions always involves risk. Time, money and other resources will be used as a result of a decision.

How can managers reduce risks when taking decisions?

There will always be some risk � some cost of failure � when taking decisions.

These steps are sometimes called the decision-making process.

1. Establish the objectives of the organization.

. Identify and analyze the problem to be solved.

. Collect data on all the possible alternative solutions.

4. Make the final decision and put it into effect. This is called implementing the decision.

5. Look back to see whether the right decision was made. This is called review and evaluation of the decision.

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