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Throughout this paper I will be showing the arguments for and against abortions. Even though, it has become legal for women to use abortion as a way of seizing a pregnancy because of whatever her reason may be, I still find it immorally wrong.

After reading more about Pro-Choice documents I do realize there are many factors and situations that go with the decision of an abortion. Many people do not consider abortion as killing a baby, because they do not believe that it is a baby. Ashley Montagu said, “A newborn baby is not truly human until he or she is molded by cultural influences later.” However, other scientists do believe that the baby is known as a human right after conception. Some of those choices may because of different issues like, the mother wanted to further their education, does not feel like they make enough money to support the child, they are not ready to have children, they do not want anymore children, they might have medical problems, or they could have been raped and just do not want to be reminded about that incident everyday they look at their child. After researching this side of the argument, I have seen some examples on which I can kind of understand the woman’s position to want and follow through with an abortion, like medical difficulties with either or both the mother and child. However, if a woman is only wanting to have an abortion because she got pregnant and does not feel that she could support that child and give him or her the life they deserve there are still other choices, like adoption.

I, on the other hand, believe in Pro-Life. I feel that it is not right that a child should be killed before ever having the chance of life. While mothers have the freedom to choose to kill their unborn children, there are other mothers who would give anything to be able to have a child. Those mothers giving into abortion should consider adoption. They should read the facts about abortions and see about how “safe” abortions really are. I know that some women who are wanting to go through or have been through an abortion just to try and solve their problems. They should consider the fact that approximately three-quarters of a million females per year have their lives taken by abortion in America. Also, nearly fifteen million females have died from abortion since it was legalized. (“Pro Life Answers”, Alcorn, Randy pg. 86) Some medical arguments against abortion surround the definition of life and death. If one set of criteria have been used to define death, could they also be used to define life? Death used to be defined by the cessation of heartbeat. A stopped heart was a clear sign of death. If the cessation of heartbeat could define death, could the onset of a heartbeat define life? The heart is formed by the eighteenth day in the womb. If heartbeat was used to define life, then nearly all abortions would be outlawed.

I think that the burden of proof should be like with the life-taker, and the benefit of the doubt should be with the life-saver. Put another way “when in doubt, don’t.” For example A hunter who hears rustling in the bushes should not fire until he knows what is in the bushes. Likewise, a Court or mother who does not know when life begins, should not declare open season on the unborn. Although, most seem to think that the baby is not human until after birth and that it is only a part of the mother until she goes into labor, there are other information that proves that wrong. The child may die and the mother may live or the mother may die and the child lives, proving they are two separate individuals. For example The child-guest is a temporary resident of the mother-host. He will leave on his own as long as he is not prematurely evicted. There are many cases where a mother has been fatally injured, after which a doctor has delivered her child safely. The mother’s body dies, the baby lives. Unmistakably, the baby was not merely a part of his mother’s body, or he would have died with her. (“Pro Life Answers”, Alcorn, Randy pg. 44) After learning all of the facts about the medical issues concerning abortions, and even why some women decide to have abortions, I still feel that even if you do not think you could raise and support a child then there are other ways to go about letting a child go. I do not think that an innocent child’s life should be taken when they could be put up for adoption.

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