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Venezuela is submerged in a deep economic, political and social crisis. Between the possible causes that can help to explain the origin of this prolonged declination like country and which they go beyond the fall of the prices of petroleum, they are had the deterioration in the education, as a result of the nonexistence of an effective policy in the long term; the absolute dependency of only a product petroleum; and the inefficient strategy of economic development applied by the different governments. In the present work the challenges will study to assume by the Venezuelan State in their roll like manager, and the development of Venezuela like project. A brief situation analysis of the country at the present time will be carried out. The resources will be evaluated whereupon Venezuela counts to surpass the present crisis, and the plan of action to implement to obtain it, studying four key elements people, the institutions, the leadership and the strategy of development. PRESENT SITUATION ANALYSIS 1.1. Unemployment As a result of the little economic growth happened years in the country in the last, has taken place an increase of the leisure levels and have appeared a great amount of informal uses. Around a million and average one of Venezuelans who represent 15% of the labor force, they are in total unemployment, and around half of which they work, it is to say approximately four million Venezuelans, they are in the informal sector occupying unstable works and of low productivity. Being the rate from unemployment, one of the highest percentage in all Latin America. 1,, Inflation Normally happens that when unemployment is increased, the inflation is reduced. However, the problem of unemployment in Venezuela is had agravated by a persistent and high inflation, also located within highest in Latin America. The Venezuelan inflation annual average was of 50% percent between 10 and 1. 1,, Wages To the salary an economic stagnation, deprivation of rank and privileges, devaluation of the currency and a high inflation, take place a well-known dilution of the real wages of the Venezuelans. In order to mention an example, in 18 the wage was around half from which it was received in 18, is to say in only 16 years the spending power of the Venezuelan has been reduced to half. Taking into account that the inflation will continue, as a result of the economic policies adopted by the present government, the wages will be deteriorated more and more, in continuous form. 1,4, Income In the last 0 years, the distribution of the income has been every desproporcional day. It is important to indicate that at the present time, around 0% of the richest population receives 5% of the national entrance, whereas 0% more poor man only perceive 4% of that entrance. Nevertheless, in other countries of the region, where also it happens a concentration of the income, the economic growth has allowed to improve the situation of the poorest population. In the case of Venezuela, besides to have concentrated the entrance, the growth of the economic sector has become paralyzed. 1,5, Poverty for more than twenty years the Venezuelans have been seeing as the quality of life has been deteriorated. At the present time a great amount of families, is in poverty situation. One of the causes of this situation is the combination of the exposed factors previously. Every time the number of people is greater who cannot acquire the basic food basket. More of a third of the population, it is to say one of each three Venezuelans are in situation of critical poverty. A complicated concept is the poverty and controversial, nevertheless, we attributed to factors such as the education, the culture, and the economy to it.

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