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It’s like I always say one preferences regarding right and wrong are only a matter of such when they butt up against the unyielding beliefs of others. In other words, one might have a perfectly good reason as to why driving over the speed limit or stealing is good for oneself in your particular situation, but another person, either the victim or (especially) the police, are rigid in their beliefs as they pertain to the general welfare of the people (i.e. of the United States), and can’t be persuaded in either direction by one alone, thus freezing one’s beliefs where they stand. So one is either wrong or one is right, and in the case of the aforementioned, one is dead wrong.

And on a most basic level, that’s all it is, a matter of who is and who isn’t flexible in their beliefs. One thing that seems to actually hinder that is this modern concept of ‘equality’. Ideally, we should all be equal � that is to say, no one should be mistreated for ‘no good reason’ -- but if we focus on the individual being (or beings), we must allow the circumstances to bend in their consequence.

That brings me to another point ‘naivety’ vs. professionalism. In one sense, it is good to be professional; the title implies much experience and savvy toward a particular field. Now, my example would technically only work in a psycho/sociological case, but again, that is the field I’m talking about, ne? Anyway, for example, take an adult social worker with a degree, versus a teenage girl with a heartfelt interest in goodwill (i.e. me), etc. In this case, if we’re talking about a young deviant (i.e. teenage), then two plus two equals four, and naturally, the vie for the teenage girl dominates, considering the issues of the nature of the deviance, which would nine times out of ten reflect the nature of the age group, and the surrounding factors. Also, unless the girl is a prodigy (that is, with the full intellectual capability and capacity of an adult), but especially if she is somewhat na├»ve, she has a better chance for connection with the deviant, considering that she will have considerably less bias in the opposite direction (i.e. the deviant acts against her parents because she thinks parents are a pain in the ass, then naturally, though thinking more of them, the girl can better understand the deviant’s feelings from her own perspective as not being an adult, and farther from typical parenthood than any adult). Deviance, as one is to understand, is essentially naivety. If cannot be identified as an aspect of such, then it is simply categorized as ‘weird/crazy’ and not explored any further, with the exception that it is often mentioned that the deviant in question is receiving or will receive ‘psychological therapy’ or some such politically correctly said thing. Hardly a word is heard of this process concerning the previously mentioned individual, unless they are a celebrity or a celebrity by their deviance. One must suppose it would not draw a sufficient amount of viewing if given media attention (as opposed to Fear Factor and the Osbournes, oddly enough).

Of course, ideally, there is a balance of everything. Back to the Yin-Yang a little good in bad, a little bad in good, a little masculinity in femininity, a little femininity in masculinity, a little night in day, and a little day in night. That is why borderline deviance (i.e. homosexuality, or at very least the humor in its connotation), and other ‘official’ deviance exists. Feminine and masculine are only differing methods of expressing oneself (i.e. emotional versus linear as it regards to literature), and ideally, should be only that. Over the eons that has been mankind, and even through to today, mankind and womankind -- humankind � has burdened the most obvious dividing aspects of human nature with these denotations, and have made them into the practically black-and-white veils that they have become and remain to be.

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So, to this second, deviance remains in the eye of the adamant beholder, whether judge by profession or by nature.

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