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A time of crisis usually indicates that the situation possesses some form of danger. With the issue of danger lurking overhead, the people involved tend to react in two different ways shy away from it all, or gather courage to make the best of the situation. In the Hot Zone, written by Richard Preston, many situations arise that can be considered times of crisis, and each time, one or more people show the courage needed to solve the problem. However, out of the numerous people in the book, Nancy Jaax deserves to be commended for her efforts. Like a baseball player batting to win the game in the ninth inning, she rises to the challenge on many different occasions concerning an outbreak of Ebola, proving that a woman’s place now may very well be in an ominous level 4 hot zone.

When most people picture workers dealing with a life-threatening virus like Ebola, a married woman with two children doesn’t come to mind. The job just doesn’t seem to be one in which a woman would choose to partake. One minute Nancy Jaax could be standing “at a counter making dinner for her children” (48), while the next minute she could be slipping on a biohazard suit before entering a room containing the most brutal virus known to man. She tries to discern numerous viruses, which is quite a task in itself, but at the same time she manages to “do all the housework” (51). For Nancy, it takes a lot of courage to work with such viruses when she knows that both her husband and children greatly depend on her. Also, going into a level 4 biocontainment area for the first time is not easy. Plus, it makes it even harder when people in the department doubt her “mainly because she [is] a woman” (67). The first time Nancy goes into this room to work with Gene Johnson on Ebola, her face plate begins to fog up. In a time of distress like this, most people would panic. However, she calmly takes control of the situation and heads towards the “decontainment shower” (74).

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As soon as the news of the hot monkey house reached Nancy Jaax, she knew she would be heading up the project by examining the monkeys. While working to find whether or not the virus is Ebola, these words reverberate through her head “This work is not for a married female” (). Nancy views this as encouragement for her, wanting to disprove the stereotype that many men have of married women. In fact, when it comes time for her and the soldiers to enter the hot zone of the monkey house, she takes complete charge by telling the soldiers everything there is to know about entering one of these zones. She advises them that there is a possibility of something going wrong, saying “ a hundred chancy things can happen to rip your suit” (4). Later that night, she is so into her work that she “[stays] up until one o’clock in the morning” (01) dissecting monkeys.

While Nancy works diligently at the monkey house, it is not necessarily how she works, but more the circumstances in which she is working that deserves commendation. Towards the end of the novel, when Nancy’s work is at its prime, her father becomes sicker and sicker, almost to the point of dying. In fact, he is “in cardiac failure” (47) when Nancy hears of it. However, Nancy persists and works on the project regardless of the fact that her father is dying. Since he is in such bad condition, she realizes that she is better off working where she is to help save the lives of many than to see her father lose his own life.

Throughout this book, Nancy Jaax shows courage that not many people will ever possess. She seems to live her life to make others happy and safe, including her family and others. Also, by trying to find a cure for Ebola and other diseases, she helps people in other ways that most can’t even understand; she risks her life in order to find ways to prevent others from contracting diseases as awful as the Ebola strain. Since this is a true story, it is good for people to know that there is someone out there like Nancy Jaax who has the strength to make other people’s lives better.

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