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Ernest Hemingway was born July 1, 18 in Oak Park, Illinois. He was the second of six children four sisters and one brother. He referred to his home town as a place with “wide lawns and narrow minds.” His father taught him how to fish and hunt, which exposed him to the serenity of nature. His mother taught him the finer points of music which helped him shared in his first wife Hadley’s interest in the piano. In High School he enjoyed working on the newspaper called the Trapeze. His first job was a reporter for the Kansas City Star. When he turned eighteen he enlisted for the army and was turned down due to poor eyesight in his left eye, but he volunteered to be a Red Cross ambulance driver. His first day in Milan a munitions factory exploded and he hade to carry the remains to a makeshift morgue. A few weeks later in Schio he was hit with shrapnel from an Austrian mortar. He received the Italian Silver Medal for Valor for “...generous assistance to the Italian soldier more seriously wounded by the same explosion...” During his hospitalization in Milan he hade an affair with his nurse Agnes von Kurowsky. A year after returning from Italy he met Hadley Richardson while staying with a friend. Soon after in September 11 they got married and in November Hemingway accepted a job for the Toronto Daily Star as its European corespondent. They moved to Paris on December , 11. The first two years in Paris were extensive for Hemingway as a journalist, covering the Geneva Conference in April of 1, The Greco-Turkish War in October, The Luassane Conference in November and the post war convention in the Ruhr Valley in early 1. While in Paris he made new friends such as Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein, Sylvia Beach, James Joyce, Max Eastman, Lincoln Steffens and Wyndahm Lewis. His wife Hadley became pregnant so they moved to Toronto until John Hadley Nicanor Hemingway was born October 10, 1 and by January 14 they moved back to Paris. Ezra Pound in recommending Hemingway to Ford Maddox said “...He’s an experienced journalist. He writes very good verse and he’s the finest prose stylist in the world.” Ford let Hemingway edit his fledgling magazine the Transatlantic Review. The first version of in our time was published by William Bird in 14 it contained only the vignettes found as interchapters in the American version published by Boni & Liveright in 15 which also contained ten short stories as well. In 16 he came out with The Sun Also Rises. In 17 came Men without Women and he divorced his first wife Hadley. He married Pauline Pfeiffer later that year and in 18 they moved to Key West, Florida. Hemingway’s reaction to Key West was “It’s the best place I have ever been anytime, anywhere, flowers, tamarind trees, coconut palms...Got tight last night on absinthe and did knife tricks.” June 8, 18 Pauline gave birth to Patrick. This same year he received word of his father’s suicide and he developed diabetes. In 1 he finished and published A Farewell to Arms. In 11 Pauline gave birth to Gregory and in 1 he published his Spanish bullfighting dissertation, Death in the Afternoon. In 1 he returned to fiction with Winner Take Nothing a volume of short stories. That same summer his family and their friend Charles Thompson journeyed to Africa. In 15 he published Green Hills of Africa a pseudo non-fictional account of his safari. Edmund Wislon said of this “he has produced what must be the only book ever written which makes Africa and its animals seem dull.” When the Spanish Civil War broke out in 17 Hemingway fell in love with Martha Gelhorn and married her in November 140. In the Summer of 140 he hade finished the novel For Whom the Bell Tolls after divorcing Pauline and moving with Martha to a large house outside of Havana, Cuba. Sinclair Lewis wrote that the novel was “the American book published during the three years past whish was most likely to survive, to be know fifty years from now, or possibly a hundred... it might just possibly be a masterpiece, a classic...” The book won the novel of the year by the Pulitzer Prize committee. In 141 he covered the Chinese-Japanese war for PM Magazine. In 144 he went to London to write articles for RAF about World War II when he is injured in a car crash. While in London he fell in love with Mary Welsh. For all intent purposes his third marriage was over and his fourth just beginning, he wrote himself “Funny how it should take one war to start a woman in your damn heart and another to finish her. Bad luck.” In that same year, late August 144, he joins with General Buck Lanham long enough to watch the American forces cross into Germany. He also published a short story titled Across the River and into the Trees in 150. During this time he hade and affair with an Italian woman named Adriana Ivancich. In September 15 The Old Man and the Sea appeared in Life magazine, also it won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 15. In January 154 Hemingway and Mary boarded a plane headed for Africa that made a crash landing to avoid a flock of ducks. Then after a boat ride across Lake Victoria they took another flight that barley made it off the ground before crashing and catching fire, Hemingway used his head as a battering ram to escape through the front exit. In Jeffrey Meyers biography of Hemingway he lists his various injuries “His skull was fractured, two discs of his spine were cracked, his right arm and shoulder were dislocated, his liver, right kidney and spleen were ruptured, his sphincter muscle was paralyzed by compressed vertebrae on the iliac nerve, his arms, face and head were burned by the flames of the plane, his vision and hearing were impaired...” On October 8, 154 he won the Nobel Prize for Literature. In 15 he wrote and article for Life magazine entitled “The Dangerous Summer.” In 160 Hemingway and Mary moved to Ketchum, Idaho. Fall of that year he was admitted to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He received according to Jefferey Meyers “between 11 to 15 shock treatments that instead of helping him most certainly hastened his demise.” On the morning of July , 161 Hemingway rose , selected a shotgun from his closet in the basement, went upstairs to a spot near the entrance-way of the house and shot himself in the head. It was a little more than two weeks until his sixty-second birthday.

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