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Charting Your Comfort Zone

Part I Assessing Your Core

Curiosity. On a scale from 1 to 10 I would rate my curiosity an 8. I would rate myself an 8 because I am the one who will go out of his way to say for example find out what someone is talking about. I would say that I am the questioning type eager for information you might say, so I put myself on the higher end of the scale with an 8.

Openness. On a scale from 1 to 10 I would rate my openness a 7. I rated myself a 7 which is on the higher end of the scale because I like to share with other people and I don’t feel that I put up a barrier between myself and others. If someone asks me a question even if it is of personal nature I will tell him or her. The book refers to this as openness but I refer to it as having nothing to hide.

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Risk Tolerance. I rated myself on the low end of the scale in this category. I gave myself a 4, because I don’t feel that I am a risk taker I don’t like to do things that are going to put me in danger or harms way. I like to live a safe and sheltered life, I guess that is why I have had the same job for the last 10 years and I am only 6 years old.

Energy. I gave myself an 8 on a scale from 1 to 10 for energy. I selected such a high number because I feel that I do have a lot of energy or vigor. I enjoy doing things and I don’t like to just sit around and watch television (unless the Red Wings are playing).

Part II Drawing The “Box” You Need To Get Out Of

This is what my creative core as a box looks like. As the book states mine is true to form because it is a skewed box, not perfectly square. This does help you visualize the “box” that you need to get out of to become more creative, and from looking at my box I should become more of a risk taker to get out of my “box”.

Part III Examining Where You Want To Go

Curiosity. The three things that I am curious about, and one or two ways to satisfy this curiosity abut them.

1. The stock trading how it works. I could read a book about the subject or I could go to a stockbroker and have him or her help me.

. The country of Australia. I could read on it or I could travel to the country and explore it first hand.

. Finish carpentry. I could once again read books about it or I could try to do some of it because they say practice makes perfect.


1. I read a book about the Taliban, which is not something that I believe in.

. I talked to my best friends father about the economy and why it is down and we definitely don’t have the same views about this.

. I do spend a lot of time on the web exploring everything that you can find on the web. It is amazing what you can find on the web anything you need to know can find.

Risk Tolerance.

1. I talk to my wife all the time about this she is the ultimate risk taker and I ask her how she can do it. She tells me that if it is something that you want to do then go and do if even if you are afraid to do it.

. I just went to the bookstore and looked through some books about starting my own business, I want to do it so bad but yet I am afraid of losing any money.

. I just signed up for a dance class with my wife I don’t know how to dance and she told me that I need to learn so we can have fun at all the parties we go to.

Energy. The commitment I made to enhance my energy this week was to get up every morning at 4 am and go to the gym and work out, instead of doing it after work.

Remembering The Ideas You Lost

Can you think now of a good or great idea you once had?

A great idea I once had was a glow in the dark football. I was about 10 years of age and my friends and I hated it when it got dark because we could no longer play catch with the football, so I said it sure would be cool if we had a glow in the dark football.

What happened to it?

I was to young to know that I should pursue the idea, and besides that all my friends just thought I was crazy and they all laughed at the idea.

Did you ever get it implemented?

I did not ever implement my idea.

Why or why not?

For the simple fact that I did not know how and I was young and just thought it was some weird idea.

How were you distracted from implementing your idea?

I was distracted from implementing my idea by friends laughing at the idea and also because I did not know what to do with the idea.

Do these barriers still exist?

No the two barriers that I had do not still exist.

What were the consequences of not implementing you idea?

The consequence of not implementing my idea was that someone else did implement it and made money off of it.

Has the idea been implemented or developed by someone else?

Yes someone else has implemented the idea.

How does it make you feel to see another person reap the benefits of your idea?

I have to say that it upsets me to see another person reap the benefits of my idea. I know now that this person has made lots of money from this idea and it could have been me that was making the money from it. I guess what some people say is true it just was not meant to be.

Crazy Makers And Idea Stoppers In Your Environment

Trying to be creative.

I do feel that I could be more creative at work but the company rules are keeping me from doing that.

Practices or procedures.

Some practices and procedures that the company has that is squelching the creativity of every employee is that there are a standard set of rules that must be followed and if they are not then you will be reprimanded.

What changes might you propose?

Some changes that I might propose would be to allow day-to-day decisions to be made at store level and not at corporate level. The company has a one-size fits all policy about doing business, which is not correct because they have store in all different areas and each one has its own needs to help it better operate. A big change that I think would help the employees become more creative is to allow them to try new ways of doing the same old job. If the employees are able to try to do their jobs in a different matter each time they do it then it may bring some excitement to the job, rather than it being the same old thing time and time again.

What options do you have for extricating yourself from the negative creativity environment?

The best way to get out of the negative creativity environment would be to quit this job and find a new one that allows me to use my creativity. The second option would be to present the corporate office with new and creative ways of doing our jobs. I would show them that if they want to get the most out of their employees then they should allow their creativity to flow in the work place.

Can you change jobs?

I could change jobs but the only problem with it is that I don’t know if I can find another one with the same benefits. The job that I have now offers a competitive salary, full benefits with no co-pay, 5 weeks paid vacation, and six paid sick days. I think that it will be hard to find another job that can match these benefits, especially with the economy the way it is now. So in the end I don’t know if I am willing to trade all of this just to gain a little creativity in my place of work.

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