Saturday, April 7, 2012

Me and my work...

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Me and my work as a Caregiver …

It is innate for any person to seek happiness for himself, for his family and for his loved one and maybe in some cases for the whole society. This underlying fact manifested the reason why I took up caregiving training with Lifeline Caregiver Center.

I am Rosanna Yap , the second and only daughter in a brood of three. I was born in Iloilo and most probably if given the choice, I would like to grow old here too.

Ever since I was a child, my idea of happiness is equivalent to seeing the whole world. I would like to visit Paris, the most beautiful city in the world and of course to have a pilgrimage to Rome. Aside from that I would love to spend my vacation in a Mediterranean cruise. But of course, being born in a third world country where labor is so cheap, I might be too old already before I realize that dream with the amount of salary we are receiving here in the Philippines. And marrying an old and rich Caucasian has never been an option to me.

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So I chose to be a caregiver, a very in-demand job outside of our country nowadays. An option, which I see, might be quite difficult but very possible. It is a job, which also coincides with my love for kids and my experience of taking care of my sick grandparents. A job that I would pursue, not only for the financial benefit it can give me, but also the opportunity to make a difference to the life of persons whom I will be taking care of.

Caregiving is also a means for me to be immersed with other culture and to expose our Filipino culture to other countries. We could show them how beautiful Filipino culture is by the way we deal with them or the food we could cook for them, right? . Filipino way of caregiving compared to other people is personal, warm and loving and that is something we can be proud of. Friendship is the kind of relationship I would like to grow between me and my charge and not as an employee-employer thing. I would like to be their friend not only as a paid caregiver because I believe, though we have less money we are no that sad. The worst kind of loneliness are those of sick and isolated people with no religion and no children to take care of them.

I see my job as a caregiver as a means to see the world, to help my parents and to be financially independent. But I think I would always long for the Philippines. One day, when I have enough money I will go back home….

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