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Millennium Computer Supplies is a proprietorship business that offers various services in the computer world. The business sells computer hardware, program software, Notebooks, PC’s (Personal Computers) and Server Systems. The business is presently recording transactions and inventory manually. Basic business details include, preparing Purchase Order, Sales Invoice, Sales Order, and keeping track of new customers, creating Customer Reports, which includes, preparing credit reports and balances for customers. The Business has two types of customers. The first is the Preferred Customer, which is a customer that has special privilege when buying items. This customer receives a 5% discount on any purchase and has the ability to make credit transactions and has a Credit Limit for buying items on credit. The Second type of Customer is the Alternate customer; this customer receives an 8% discount on any purchase and is not qualified to make credit transactions. However, this type of customer gets an end-of-year refund of 1% on his/her yearly purchases. This end-of-year refund is constantly recorded weekly in the case of the customer withdrawing their account from the company they will still receive their refund. In addition, the business records inventory manually by having a logbook of all newly received items and sold items for the day. At the end of the month the business has to perform a total Costing of their Inventory for insurance purposes. Any hardware/software item that exceeds a year in stock automatically will be entitled to a 50% discount and is recorded in a different logbook .All PC’s of the Brand “Dell” or “Compaq” that are recorded as being sold will carry along with it a free CD-DVD burner to the customer that purchases the PC. At the beginning of newly received items, the items are immediately placed in categories for sale or in categories for offers to customers. At the end of each month items are placed on offers. These offers are end-of-moth promotions to help in crease customer presence. These offer carry a discount rate and has a start period and an end period for when the offer terminates.

Problems 1) Redundancy of Data

) Time loss in recording Transactions

) Human Errors

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4) Customer Order/Sale Time is too long

5) End of Month Insurance Report is very tedious and prone to errors

6) Item Re-Stocking is difficult and causes for there to be over abundance of certain items which are not needed

Proposed Solution

We the members of C&S Support Group Systems have been contracted by Millennium Computer Supplies to develop a fully customizable database system that can help in making the business more productive and efficient. The desired database will be fully associated in parallel to the business details presented by the owner. The database design will incorporate all phases and processes needed to create the database. These includes, discovering Entities of the business, establishing a functional relationship among entities, creating the physical drawing of the ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) and a fully and functional Database system. The proposed Backend is Microsoft Access and the proposed Front-end is Microsoft Visual Basic.

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