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Music Analysis

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The first musical artist I can recall listening to was is Weird Al Yankovic. Although his songs were all comedic covers to other songs it gave me a chance to hear all different types of music. During the time I was listening to his music I thought it was just funny but now looking back I see that he had a lot of talent for playing music even though he used it a different way then most musicians because he could play almost every style of music from oldies, blues, jazz, rock n roll, polka, punk rock, even rap.

As I grew older I began listening rock n roll bands such as pearl jam, collective soul, and guns n roses with a few others. Their style of music was a softer rock than what I listen today. Their music was both accepted by me and at the same time accepted by my parents because for the most part their songs had positive messages with little use of profanity.

During the early 0’s I was introduced to rap when I was given my first cd, it was by Warren G and it was called Regulators. Around that time rap was an underground type of music that was just becoming mainstream it had no band, no back up singers and for the most all it needed was a beat and a mic this kind of music was called rap. Much like in the early days of rock n roll parents were offended by this music because it was made by African Americans and it challenged everyone’s ideas about how music is played, not to mention the lyrics. This type of music had a lot of other similarities with rock n roll, not in the music itself but the way it was viewed by adults. Like rock n roll it was only played on the radio late at night, it took a long time for videos to get airplay and that to was late at night, songs that did receive airplay had to be heavily edited, some CD’s were banned all together, And others had to have labels printed on them to warn parents of the use of explicit lyrics. Even with all the controversy surrounding rap music many kids like myself became fans of it.

Although I had a great deal of interest in rap music I still listened to other styles of music. At around this time rock n roll had been around for about 0 years and their were still great rock n roll bands some bands started to make their own sound out of traditional rock music. Some of these bands were Nirvana, while Nirvana was only around for a short period of time due to their lead singers suicide they led the way for many punk rock and grunge style bands. They also gave birth to concert traditions of stage diving and mosh pits. Some bands took rock music and made it a lot heavier like Marlin Manson, Pantera, White Zombie, and Slipknot. These bands started a way of playing music where instruments were played so loud that vocals had to screamed just to be heard over them.

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So even in the few years I have been listening to music there have been a lot of changes in the styles. Because of all the changes I was exposed to many types of music and am a fan of many different artists today.

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