Friday, April 13, 2012

My Life

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Brinkley Heights Mission

The Brinkley Heights Mission is the product of the Brinkley Heights Baptist Church in Memphis Tennessee. The church’s congregation developed the mission group when they saw their neighborhood falling away. Pastor Tim Cox led the church and the group who have come to reach to unreachable. The group meets the needs of the people where they are. After Pastor Cox created a vision for the church and its mission, they recruited other larger Southern Baptist Churches who felt led to become involved in an inner city mission. With help from other churches the group is able to reach more people and to do more for them.

The mission focuses its attention on those stricken with poverty and the ‘social outcasts’ in their area. Most of the people are children from broken homes, the homeless, street people and other locals of the Nut Bush area. Brinkley Heights hosts several projects and ministries each year. Some of these projects include a food closet, a clothes closet, youth mentoring, and a prison ministry. Ministries like the adult job training services and the youth tutoring program are used the most and are definitely needed in the community.

In Marc Antony’s funeral speech in the third Act of William Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar,” Antony sways the emotions of the rowdy Roman crowd. Antony uses many persuasive techniques in order to turn the angry mob against Brutus and the other conspirators. Marc Antony’s use of persuasive techniques enables him to alter the beliefs of the Romans.

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Marc Antony uses many loaded emotional words to persuade the crowd toward the late Caesar’s side during his speech. Antony says, “He was my friend, faithful and just to me” (Act III Scene , Line 87). This statement pulls at the strings of the audience’s hearts when he says, “When that the poor have cried Caesar hath wept,” (Act III, Scene , Line ). Here the audience is able to see that Caesar did care for the people. The biggest emotional appeal though, comes in Act III, Scene , Lines 108-10, when Antony says “My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, and I must pause till it comes back to me.” If nothing else worked on the audience, that statement surely bought some remorse into their eyes.

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