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To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to voice my opinions on why Napoleon Bonaparte should be reinstated as the head of France. From the start of his rise to

power Napoleon knew that he must become both a statesman and a tyrant. He had to consolidate the Revolution and bind together the different

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social classes of the French nation. Napoleon provided France with a strong centralized government. He created an army of officials, civil

servants, and bureaucrats which reaced into every village, town and city. In doing so, the entire nation was linked together under rational

administration. This resulted in the concentration of power under Napoleon and provided him with taxes and soldiers.

In terms of religion, Napoleon felt that it was the cement that held society together. Napoleon looked on Christianity as the basis of all real

civilization and considered Catholicism as the form of worship most favorable to the maintenance of order and the true tranquility of the moral

world. He disliked Protestants, and looked upon them as a source of trouble and disagreements. Despite his likes and dislikes towards religion,

Napoleon supported religious freedom to all his people. Napoleon made every effort to close the divide between the State and the Church, a

divide created by the Revolution.

One of Napoleons greatest contributes to the French empire was his Napoleonic Code established on March 1, 1804. The Napoleonic

code was the first legal code to be established in a country with a civil law legal system. The intention behind the Napoleonic Code was to

reform the French legal system in accordance with the principles of the French Revolution. Before Napoleons code, France did not have a single

set of laws. The code incorporated equality before the law, careers open to talent, freedom of religion, protection of private property, abolition of

serfdom, and the secularization of the state. Other countries soon copied this idea, and developed their own codes.

Napoleon favored a state system of public education. He felt the young should be taught to be obedient and to follow authority. Napoleon

established the University of France which was a giant board of education that placed education under the states control. Napoleons education

system was strictly centralized with curriculum and academic standards set for the entire nation. He allowed civil marriage and divorce and

allowed the people to choose their own work, and appreciated the work of a working class family man. He thought talent was more important

than birth.

Napoleons economic policies were designed to strengthen France and increase his popularity. To stimulate the economy and serve the

interests of the bourgeoisie, Napoleon aided industry through tariffs and loans. He built or repaired roads, bridges and canals. He established

the Bank of France. He stimulated the employment of artisans and did not restore ancient feudal rights. He did not punish the people who

attacked France, after their defeat. Napoleon rewarded the countries he defeated. He was sympathetic to all his soldiers who fought for him and

their goal.

In conclusion, Napoleon was a real man as well as a legend. It was Napoleon himself who helped create this legend. His aim was to

defend the Revolution at all costs and to consolidate its gains. He emerges as a champion of equality, a supporter of popular soverignty, and a

lover of peace, who always had the interest of the common people at heart. According to Napoleon, his vision was to create a United States of

Europe. He wanted to free Europe from tyranny, opression and despotism which is exactly why Napoleon is innocent and should be reinstated

as the head of France as soon as possible.

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