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roswell cover up

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Imagine you and your friends are out camping in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico, when you see a large metallic disc zoom over your heads. You gaze in awe because you realize you have just seen a UFO. This incident could have happened to you if you would have been in the desert of New Mexico in 147. There has been speculation for the last fifty years about paranormal activity at Area 51, near Roswell, New Mexico. Do aliens exist? Since the beginning of recorded history, there have been reports of unexplained phenomenon. Only the government, Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF), and the 50th Bomb Squad know if the incident at Roswell really took place. The furthest destination man has traveled is to the moon, which means anyone traveling from a distant planet to earth must be a far superior race.

During the first week of July 147 something crashed outside of Roswell, New Mexico (Wilson 1). News broke on July 8th 147, when a press release from Roswell Army Air Force Base in New Mexico had become a reality when the Intelligence Office of the 50th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force was able to gain possession of a disc, which had in fact landed on a ranch near Roswell (Randals 8).

There were many witness accounts of the Roswell Incident. One of the most important was William W. Brazel, also known as Mac who was a rancher near Roswell. In the summer of 147, he and some of his neighbors rode out to check on his sheep. On their way Mac noticed a shallow trench several hundred feet long and metal debris scattered throughout the area (Alien Autopsy 1). He took several pieces of the wreckage into the Roswell office of Chaves County to show the sheriff, who later contacted the U.S. Army Air Force (Pflock ).

Major Jesse Marcel is perhaps one of the most credible and convincing witness to what happened at Roswell. His following testimony cannot be dismissed, owing to his background in aviation and his military history

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There was all kinds of stuff - small beams about three eights or a half inch square with some sort of hieroglyphics on them that nobody could decipher. These looked something like balsa wood, and were of about the same weight, except that they were of about the same weight, except that they were not wood at all. They were very hard, although flexible, and would not burn. There was a great deal of unusual parchment-like substance which was brown in color and extremely strong, and a great number of small pieces of a metal like tinfoil, except that it wasnt tinfoil.Marcel added that one piece of metal foil, two feet long and a foot wide, was so durable that it could not be dented with a sledgehammer, despite its being incredibly light. Marcel was absolutely convinced that the material had nothing to do with a weather balloon or a radar target.(Dean )

Oliver Wendall Henderson had top secret security clearance while stationed at Roswell, and confirmed that he was the pilot that flew the Roswell material to Wright Field. He said he had seen the wreckage and alien bodies (Maccabee 4). To help substantiate Henderson’s accounting, there was a teletype message at 617 p.m. on July 8th 147 by the local FBI agent, that said “The material is being transported to Wright Field by special plane for examination.” (Maccabee 4).

After a story which aired on Unsolved Mysteries, Mary Ann Gardner called in with a story that was told to her by a cancer patient at St. Petersburg Community hospital. The patients said she was a friend of someone who was out rock hunting with a group, when they came upon an unknown craft with bodies laying beside it (Carey ).

Another source, Iris Foster, owner of a local caf� near Taos, NM came forward after the Unsolved Mystery segment. She remembered a man named Cactus Jack whose real name was Larry Campbell who had talked about being “out there” when the spaceship came down and he had seen a “round object” and “dead alien bodies” (Carey 1).

Witness Jim Rugsdale, who was camping at an area north of Roswell with his girlfriend, saw something flash overhead and crash near them. They found the wreck, which was a crushed saucer, and with their flashlights spotted several little corpses. When returning to the sight the next morning to get a better look, they had to leave because the military was already there (Netropolitan 4).

Frank Kantman who was with the military when he found a craft shaped like a plane, and through a cracked section saw little bodies (Netropolitan ).

On the night of July 4th, William Woody, who lived East of Roswell said he was outside with his father when he saw a magnificent object plunge to the ground. A few days later he and his father tried to locate the crash site, but were stopped by military personnel, who had the area blocked off (Alien Autopsy ).

There is much speculation that the government tried to cover up the actual facts involving Roswell. It was reported by Dubose that McMullen ordered Ramey to squash the story about the UFO in order to “get the press off our back”. Ramey then invented the explanation that the material found in the desert near Roswell was a weather balloon, and the special flight to transport the wreckage to Wright Field had been cancelled (Maccabee ). We know this is not true because in our eye-witness accounts, Oliver Wendall Henderson stated he flew the materials himself to Wright Field for analysis.

Major Jesse Marcel stated that he had taken some of the debris from the wreckage to General Ramey’s office at Carswell Air Force Base in Texas on the afternoon of July 8, 147. He placed the material on Ramey’s desk; he then said he wanted to see the location in which it was found, so they went to the map room down the hall. When they returned the debris had been replaced with a weather balloon which was now spread on the floor (Alien Autopsy 4).

In the summer of 14 the Air Force admitted that Ramey lied. They then said the material was from a top secret balloon project intended to detect Soviet nuclear explosions “Project Mogul”. This failed to convince UFO investigators since the Mogul balloon devices are almost like the weather balloons. Brigadier General Thomas Dubose, Chief of Staff of the eighth Air Force said, “It was a cover story, the whole balloon part of it. That was the part of the story to give to the public and news.”(Alien Autopsy 4). On the 50th anniversary on June 4th,17 the Air Force published another explanation for the witness accounts of small dead aliens. The Air Force proposed they were actually parachute test dummies used to test high altitude escape mechanisms. This explanation was also rejected by the UFO investigators because the first such test dummies were not dropped until six years after the Roswell incident (Maccabee 4).

In the 170’s UFO researchers, Stanton Friedman, and William L. Moore decided to look back into the Roswell case. They concluded that there was a cover up and the Air Force had recovered the remains of a flying saucer. They also claimed that the bodies of the alien’s crew had been discovered (Pfock ).

According to Dan Schmitt and Kevin Randale the military had been watching an unidentified flying object on radar for four days in southern New Mexico, and on the night of July 4th , 147, radar indicated the UFO was down about thirty to forty miles Northeast of Roswell (Alien Autopsy ).

According to the New Mexico radio station KAFL they were threatened by Washington to not run the story about the UFO crash, and if they did their license would be revoked (Randals ).

There is a good deal of controversy over whether alien bodies were discovered at the site of the wreckage. For instance, Dennis Ballard of Roswell, New Mexico who was just starting his life as a “country funeral director, when after having to drive an injured airman to the base as part of his job, wondered into a top-secret military operation. Air Force doctors were examining “humanoids”. It became hard for him to escape that conclusion; because an air Force nurse, who also was caught up in the operation, told him everything she had seen and even drew pictures of the aliens. When he tried to contact her again he discovered she had disappeared (Pflock ).

Glenn Dennis, a mortician working in Roswell in 147 stated that “In July he was asked about child sized coffins and information for embalming bodies” (Netropolitan ).

Frank Kaufmann, now eight-seven, was a civilian employee at the Roswell Base in 147. He saw two of five dead aliens at the crash. “They were very good looking people, ash colored faces, about 5’5” inches tall with eyes a little more pronounced.” (Levine ).

A therapist by the name of John Carpenter interviewed Gerald Anderson by using hypnosis. By using this method he helped him recover buried memories of the incident. Gerald told him that they had all gone up to a large silver disc and there were three bodies, two not moving, and one having a hard time breathing while a fourth was giving them aid (Netropolitan ).

If there was a wrecked alien space craft and alien bodies what did the government do with them? The pilot of a B- was told he was taking little alien bodies to the FTD (Foreign Technology Division) at Wright Patterson. The aliens were child sized with big eyes, large heads, and no body hair (Randals ).

Was there a cover up by the government of Roswell and other UFO sightings? Thirty years after the Roswell incident, Jesse Marcel, retired from active duty in the Air Force, told UFO investigators that while the general was telling the press that it was a weather balloon devise, “The real material was flown by a special flight to Wright Field.” If it was a material from a weather balloon, everyone would be able to recognize it and therefore it would not need to be sent to Wright Field for analysis and identification (Maccabee ).

Immediately following the first publicized reports of flying saucers, the press asked the Air Force if there was some new secret air craft project that could account for the saucer reports. The Air Force said “no”(Maccabee 4)!

The government said that the “things that look like UFO’s” were really super-secret balloons to monitor Soviet atomic tests. Case closed, but not to thousands of people who see no reason to believe anything that the Air Force tells them (Schorr 1).

Roswell Daily Record’s lead addition on July 8, 147 was a press release that reported the recovery of a “flying saucer”. Two weeks before a Washington state pilot related an account of a close encounter with nine flying saucers. Within hours of the incident the military changed the story (Kilday 17).

In conclusion there are many unanswered questions concerning the Roswell incident and the cover-up by the government in all things relating to extraterrestrials. Why would the government feel a need to keep this secret from the nation? Are they afraid of this kind of knowledge would cause mass hysteria? In the late 140’s the Air Force covered up the fact that they had enough evidence based on sightings alone to prove the existence of flying saucers. They also covered up the fact that the objects were extraterrestrial and in fact a person in military intelligence could, under orders lie to cover up evidence (Maccabee 18). This type of conspiracy raises all manner of ethical questions. To keep from society the existence of an alien artifact would be a crime against science (Randals 1).

There are many opinions that support both sides of the question, “Is there extraterrestrial life out there?” Everyone must form their own judgment based on the facts that have been uncovered by the many scientists and ufologists who have studied in depth this topic. Anything you believe to be real is as real as you believe it to be!

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