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The Shape of Things

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The Shape of Things was a story about a girl named Evelyn and a guy named

Adam whose life was changed by one girl in an art museum. The title accurately

describe this production because Evelyn deceives Adam into changing everything

about himself for her. There were only four actors in this play and very few props.

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With what little was used, the production turned out very well. This was a story of

deception between two young adults.

In my opinion, Evelyn was the best of all four actors. She seemed like she

actually got into her part more than the rest. She showed much more emotion than

Adam. You could almost tell that she had something scheming on her mind just in the

way she talked. Adams role was more of a pushover type character and was easily

given away in his feeble, quiet voice. I could not stand listening to Philip. He had such

a high pitched, whinning voice. I felt sorry for Jenny who had to listen to him all the

time. Jenny just had the sweet and innocent voice going on. She had a more neutral

role and didnt really take sides with anyone. She was dating Philip, but used to have a

crush on Adam.

Adam liked Evelyn so much that anything she said he was convinced that it

was a good idea. The thing that was so clever about how Evelyn convinced Adam to

do anything for her by getting him to eat out of her hand. She then would just say

something that she thought would better Adam and he would do it. First, she thought

that he should change his appearance. She started with him getting a haircut, then

changing out his glasses into contacts, she changed the way he dresses, and finally

talked him into getting a nose job. Second, she told him to pick her or his two best

friends, Philip and Jenny. He picked her.

Throughout the story, all I heard him do was complain either to Adam about

why he was changing everything about himself for this girl that came out of nowhere

or Jenny fooling around with Adam. Jenny and Adam used to have a thing which

brought some drama into the story. They began to like each other and their true

eventually came out. They messed around a couple times, but little did they know that

Evelyn and Philip had kissed.

Evelyns thesis project was very clever, but a harsh trick to play on a person.

She was convinced that she could completely change everything about a person. She

was right. She never flat out told Adam to do anything. She just implied what she

wanted and he would jump right on it. Of course, Adam couldnt say no to this

wonderful that was secretly just using him for a quick A. Adam eventually asked

her to marry him. At her theis presentation, she explained that she used him for her

project and turned down his marriage proposal. This made me feel sorry for the guy.

He stuck his heart out for this girl and she stomped all over it.

The props used were a few tables, a rope barrier, and a art stand with a picture

of Adam. The tables were moved around for each scene to create a different

atmosphere or room.The tables were stood upright and it wasnt clear what they were

supposed to represent.They were used mostly for benches, but at one point a table was

used for a bed. Evelyn and Adam had their way with each other upon this table. This

was probably the highlight of the play because Evelyn got in her underwear. She was

pretty hot. The rope barrier was used in front of a statue in the beginning of the play.

Evelyn wanted to paint a penis on the statue to make it natural again. Some art

gooroos wanted to cover up the statues penis. During Evelyn thesis presentation at the

end of the show, she used the art stand and picture of Adam to show what her project

was on.

The lighting fit very well with the different scenes. During the scene in the bed,

the lights were red, yellow, and orange. The warm colors helped show what was going

on and gave a heated atmosphere. Most of the play was in cool colors to show that

Evelyn was trying to be convincing and sincere with Adam. It made the audience feel

like she actually cared about him. During the thesis presentation, there was a little of

both. The cool colors showed success in her presentation, but then changed to warm

to show the anger and hurt that Adam felt after he realized what she had used him for.

There was something different about this play that stood out. Before the show

actually started, there were two guys in a shirt and tie that just walked around on stage

throughout the opening scene. The opening scene took place in an art museum. I

suppose the two men were guards or tour guides or someone that works at a museum.

This was a great play in my opinion. I enjoyed how this girl just popped into

this guys life and took over. It was very clever how she convinced him to change

everything about himself for this girl he had just met. The best part was that she was

using him the whole time and he didnt even know it. He fell right into her trap. I liked

this play so much I wanted to see it a second time.

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