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Strategic Human Resource Management

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“All managers can be good coaches.”

I would agree with this statement with the assumption that the managers in this particular statement refers to good/competent managers. In order achieve an organization’s goals and targets, managers play as important a role as the workers. Just as a professional sports team would not do well without a good coach, an organization will not function well if there are just workers without one or more good managers in charge. Be it a department manager, a human resource manager, a sports club manager, or any other types of managers, it is important for them to provide the necessary coaching, guidance, motivation and care for their subordinates in addition to managing their respective departments well in order to contribute towards the organization’s strategic plans and goals. Just like in any sport, the coach has to assess each his of his players’ strengths, weakness, special skills or abilities and team strategy of his team in order to come up with a coaching strategy to develop his players thereby improving the team or player and working towards the targets set by the club’s management.

Identifying strengths and weaknesses

This is one of the most basic requirements of being a good manager or a good coach. A good manager will be able to assess his/her subordinate’s strengths and weaknesses thus he/she will be able pinpoint on various areas to provide guidance, be it guidance on the job or recommending him/her for training and development. This is important as this affects the productivity of the department and indirectly affects the organization. As a result, productivity is decreased and time is wasted and costs will increase due to the errors in the employee’s work. It is also useful to find out about each of the subordinate’s Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA). This is important in the sense that although an employee may do well in his/her current job but according to his/her knowledge, skills and abilities, he/she may be better suited for another job within the organization and thus recommendations can be made. This relates to being a good coach in the sense that a coach must identify the player’s strengths and weaknesses so as to conduct more trainings pinpointing on those areas that are weak. For example in a football team, coaches more conduct cross-country runs for players who are not as physically fit and half field ‘5 on 5’ for the development of the player’s skill. The position that a player plays on the field may be switched if the coach finds that he is more suited to play in another position or may even play in both positions.

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Motivation and Morale

Motivation is an important tool to make employees work harder. Managers must be able to motivate and keep the employees’ morale high in the department.

Conducting regular meetings with them to address their concerns, recommending to the management to improve their working environment, or recommending to the

management to award employees incentives or bonuses for good performance at work, words of encouragement or even just a pat on the back to name a few, will help keep the morale high. In the case of a coach, the morale of his players is extremely important as it directly affects the players’ performances both in competition and in training. Therefore like any good managers, coaches have to frequently keep the motivation and morale of his players high. In many sports, incentives and bonuses are awarded to the top scoring players and to players who performed well in a match.

Employee Retention

This is an important trait as good employees or players are invaluable to the organization. Good managers and good coaches always fight to keep their best talents and they recognize that turnover is expensive. They conduct regular meetings to address the employees’ concerns and periodically review job expectations and development opportunities with their employees. Some managers developed a measurement system to gauge employee satisfaction on a regular basis. At Bruker Biospin, a multi-national company specializing in biomedical equipments, the manager of the engineering department created a survey form to let the employees reflect on how they feel about their managers in terms of competency, leadership qualities and management style. Suggestions can be also made through the survey form to address any incompetence in their managers. Phil Jackson, coach of the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association, conducts regular meetings with his players to see how they feel about his coaching and the management of the club. Suggestions of improvement in the system are raised to the management by him and thus upholding his players’ willingness to stay in the club.

Training and Development

Training and development is very important for any organization, be it business or sports to keep their competitive edge in this world where change is the only constant. This is a continuous effort designed to improve employee/players competency and in turn, improving organizational performance. Managers and coaches have to recognize the importance of training and development as it affects the productivity of his subordinates and players. This is usually done through on-the-job training emphasizing on a one to one basis and is often considered as the responsibility of the manager or coach.


A department will not function well if there is no effective communication between its manager and his/her subordinates. Likewise with any coach and player, improving communication between individuals is essential for any department or organization. Therefore good managers and coaches are able to communicate with his/her staff or players as ideas can be disseminated across efficiently. It also provides useful feedbacks when staff and players communicate well with their managers and coaches thus improving work environment, productivity, and morale of the organization.


In conclusion, all good managers have the abilities essential for being a good coach. In this competitive environment, good managers have an even bigger responsibility to promote the cohesiveness and productivity of his department although a substantial part of a manager’s success depends on the higher management as well. Although the area of specialization is vastly different between a manager and a coach, the essential skills to manage his/her department and the skills needed for a coach to bring his team towards their goals and targets are the same.

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